Hectic Fridays

Apr 4, 2011

As always I’ve had a wonderful, varied, hectic day last Friday at Hanwell Manor. After spending 2 hours in the hairdresser with my favourite artist doing his best to create a masterpiece with my hair, this left only a short slot for me to do a video and photo shoot in one. However, the results are spectacular. I’ve been uploading pictures over the last few days as I’ve been averaging one photo shoot a week recently!! My wonderful photographer friend has been happy snapping and I’m so pleased with the results. I really hope you have all joined my club site as all these amazing images get placed there. I know you all want a selection of free ones and the odd ones have been placed in random places on this free site but let me tell you, the polished professional images look so good and are only available to my members.

So, what better way than to do a short film with two of my chastity slaves that have been photographed for my pleasure. They are both totally frustrated after being locked away for a prolonged period. I’ve decided to see how much pain goes through the violet wand, shortly followed by pleasure through the magic wand, these slaves can withstand. Will the chastity hold out, or will frustration win through, showing that a forced orgasm is possible in this device????? Coming soon to my members site..

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