Helping Holes for Horney Friends

Dec 2, 2012

 As my regular subs will know, being a dominatrix does not mean that I have to be mean to all of the people all of the time, so I was only too willing to help my beautiful TV friend, Zoe Fuckpuppet, when she confided in me about a little problem she has been having with a particularly BIG part of her anatomy. The problem is that Zoe is hung like a donkey and she finds that not many men are willing to deep throat her massive member, while even fewer can take her full length deep in their arse without complaint. Poor Zoe is left a little frustrated that her normal clients run scared of being fucked by her, and I was really moved by her plight when she turned to me for help during a recent visit to Hanwell Manor. We had already decided to film our games for the day, so I was determined to give me dear friend a good time, while also filming a valuable training session for one of my most recalcitrant and awkward slaves. The wretch in question had already been locked in severe bondage for some days in my cells and I knew that he would do anything to try and wheedle his way back into my good books. What better training could there be than to let Zoe and her huge cock loose on his various fuck holes?
Lowering my slave down from my cells, I was gratified to see that he quickly grasped how important it was not to let his Mistress down in front of her TV colleague. I know this slave well and so was able to guide Zoe in some of his more unusual habits. When he whines and pleads and begs for one of my torments to stop, I know that he is, in reality, just wanting me to go further and harder than before. So I told Zoe that she should take any cries for help, or moans of discomfort, as a sure sign that slave was enjoying himself and wanting harder, deeper cock in whichever hole Zoe had decided to penetrate.

Zoe’s fun session started with slave tightly secured in the missionary position, with hands secured, and legs bent double in order to allow easy access to all of his orifices. I busied myself tying his cock and balls up and out of the way at one end, while Zoe knelt over his face and started to feed her semi-erect cock between his willing lips. I could soon see that Zoe was starting to grow inside his mouth, meaning that my slaves moans of desperation also grew in intensity as he had no choice but to try and breathe a little in between each choking thrust of her hips. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I quickly slipped a strap-on around my hips and pumped it in and out of his arsehole in time with Zoe’s spit-roasting rhythm. Honestly, we were all having such fun, as slave moaned and groaned to encourage us to use ever-harder and deeper thrusts at every turn. All too soon, however, it was time to swap position. I got my slave strapped down on hands and knees on the whipping bench, and let Zoe loose on his arse. What a fucking technique that girl has: I could tell from the way slave started crying and drooling and slobbering through his rubber mask that Zoe was really hitting the spot with every thrust of that huge stiff cock. How gratifying it is to be able to help a friend like that, even if it will be quite a while before my slave is able to walk straight again after the deepest rodgering of his life. After all, what is the use of having slaves available if one doesn’t use them once in a while to bring a little happiness into someone else’s life?

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