Helpless Hypnosis

Sep 3, 2014

 My clubsite members have been treated to a pussy-and-tits, film feast of tormented female subbies in recent weeks, although my first love always remains training helpless males into tortured submission. I can’t deny, however, that it is amusing to play with a female bondage slut once in a while, especially when she climaxes over and over and over again on my latex-clad fingers. That was the case this week when a woman presented herself at Hanwell Towers, desperate for an appointment with Nurse Despair to try out all of the features of my newly refurbished medical clinic.

Always willing to help out those in sexual-medical need, I soon had her strapped to the medical bench under my new clinical light array, with her face covered by a rubber breathing mask and her legs conveniently spread apart on the gynaecological stirrups. I had decided that some hypnotic therapy was required for her mind, to match the physical therapy that I was about to inflict upon her naked body. Accordingly I added the spectacles and headphones of my NovoPro hypnotic equipment and combined them with some suitable medication.

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to enjoy my NovoPro experience I should explain that it is an all-encompassing sensory experience, flooding your vision with intense patterns of flashing light and your hearing with variations of random ‘white noise.’ The net effect is to sooth and calm and lull my subs into a semi-hypnotic state in which they are more ready to push their own limits of submission in every direction I might wish to take them. Mixed with my own special rebreathing equipment the effects can be startling.

With my female slave suitably controlled by the machine’s hypnotic effects I was free to concentrate on her pussy and start stretching her limits, both physically and mentally, for my own amusement. This woman subbie loves to suffer for me and she had already confided that for various reasons she had not enjoyed any sort of climax for days before her Hanwell appointment. I therefore started my medical examination relatively gently, with a few fingers penetrating her pussy and my other hand slowly teasing and exciting her clit.

It was soon apparent that more vigorous treatment was required and the introduction of Nurse’s entire fist between the pussy lips and a rough pumping action soon produced the first of very many orgasms that my patient was due to enjoy and endure that day. As the NovoPro hypnotic cycle came to an end, I removed the patient’s blindfold so that she could watch exactly what treatment I was inflicting as she lay helpless on the bench. More fisting produced more climaxes and some satisfying whimpers of pain and pleasure which told me that my patient was ready for the treatment to intensify one stage more.

The introduction of one of my largest metal, electrified plugs into her pussy resulted in yet more climaxes and that soon progressed to the plug being thrust repeatedly and deeply forward so that the orgasms continued with barely a break. So successful was this stage of the treatment that it was hardly necessary to take the patient into my suspension room for a dose of mechanical care from the fucking machine. But professional medical pride dictated that no patient should leave the clinic without being fully drained and satisfied and so the machine was duly put to good use until her treatment was well and truly complete. Yet another successful cure for Hanwell’s skilled medical team.

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