Sep 30, 2013

Many of you will think this is long overdue but I'm pleased to report that your mistress has finally made it to Hollywood's Walk of Fame, mingling with stars of stage and screen such as Darth Vader, Superman, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. Now the fact that the last two stars are dead and the others are fictional may have given the game away that I was visiting the famous Chinese Theatre attraction in Los Angeles as a tourist, rather than as an actress. This morning's plan had been to take in some of the most famous LA sights before starting an afternoon film shoot of our own at the Sanctuary bondage palace. We duly set off for Muscle Beach, the outdoor fitness area where we planned to film a video blog amongst all the West Coast hunky men and shapely women working out on the sand. Unfortunately an unscheduled detour - well OK we got lost and walked the wrong way - meant that it took a bit longer to get there than I had anticipated and that there was a disappointing crop of hunky men to be seen. There was a serious lack of muscles on muscle Beach. Perhaps American men feel that they need their beauty sleep, although I, of course, had only wanted to meet some of my fellow male fitness fanatics for research purposes anyway! We did get the footage we required before bombing it in the direction of Hollywood. How could we visit LA and not see the walk of fame of the Chinese theatre?? Walking the length of Hollywood I was sorry to see that tthe vast array of costume shops offered very little in the way of fetish wear but were, neverthless fun to see. Getting closer to the centre we kept meeting more and more characters such as the aforementioned Darth Vader, Superman, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Iron Man and other suitably dressed individuals who were all only too willing to pose for a photo opportunity with tourists (for tips of course). It wasn't long before we were heading back to the studio to fire up the cameras and start some shooting of our own. Alas, you will be surprised to hear that yours truly was so hideously late (how out of character is that?) that, unfortunately, some of the I wanted to shoot with had already headed for the hills. The delightful Ashley Renee, being the star trooper that she is, had given me the benefit of the doubt and had hung out and waited. I must confess that after the mega guilt I felt, shooting with her was the least I could do and naturally Ashley is such a hard worker that filming with her is always a pleasure. We selected the Sanctuary room we wanted, no easy choice when there are ten at our disposal, and began filming. Earlier in the day, on the way to Hollywood, we had stopped off at a well known camera specialist in Belair and purchased a much lighter-weight video camera which both my cameraman and I were dying to try it out. The Sanctuary room are dark-lit and atmospheric which is the perfect conditions for our latest purchase. Bondage model Ashley started out in the tightest single armbinder you have ever seen. This white leather configuration straps Ashley's arms together extremely securely and naturally it was the perfect item to securing her to her chair. I say 'chair,' but that doesn't really do justice to the spot-lit metal bondage device into which I had strapped her. Sitting with legs spread, Ashley looked amazing in her rubber bodysuit, thigh boots and fishnets. I had delved into the sanctuary equipment stores to find clamps for Ashley's thighs and nipples which combined with some equipment of my own seemed to be the perfect way forward. My latest electric magic wand wasn't too far away, promising to deliver a sharp shock couples with a pleasing buzz at just about the right (or wrong) time. How could I then resist whipping the pegs off her thighs and nipples, once the Sanctuary crops had found their way into my hands! My new camera has an amazing feature: we can project the footage onto the wall. 'Great,' I thought, 'we can check the footage and, if it comes out well, we will keep on shooting!' Happily, I'm pleased to report the footage is amazing, so crystal clear showing that this camera has the ability to suck light into the lens and see like the human eye - probably better. Two more scenes followed before Ashley and myself were done. Girls have to eat you know. The fact that it was gone 9 p.m. and the Sanctuary was be then officially closed meant it was my last opportunity to pin Mistress Cyan down to an interview. Mistress Cyan is the owner of the Sanctuary and is truly an inspirational woman. Looking around the walls at her awards, it's not hard to see how this pioneering woman has managed to change attitudes to the BDSM scene. She has gained awards from the church due to her fundraising and slave auction, bringing food to the community and the homeless and was even awarded by by the mayor of LA for her contribution to the community through her 'open door' policy at the Sanctuary. Not only does mistress Cyan mentor her staff, she regularly invites the Sherrif's Department to meet her team and offers tours to anyone who wishes to see her establishment. Many classes are run at the Sanctuary, including rope bondage, chastity, spanking (the list goes on) All help share skills and involve people. The staff are like family and Mistress Cyan believes in keeping the staff in the loop about any developments in the Sanctuary so that no one is left out. To be honest, I can safely say that Mistress Cyan has done more than anyone I know to bridge the gap between the mainstream and the fetish communities. She is a real inspiration in every sense of the word. So, where do we go from here you may ask? Well, my cameraman partner and I are packed, fed and hitting the road for a long drive to San Francisco for the last leg of our trip. I'm saying goodbye to LA but looking forward to returning soon. Right now, however, the famous Folsom Street fetish fair is calling my name... and I'm a coming!!!! Bookmark and Share
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