Hot Mistress : Cold Rubber

Jan 8, 2016

Although I am, as you know, a modest Mistress by nature: I think it is true to say that most of my subbies and slaves would describe their Mistress as a `hot` lady... especially when they are strapped down to my whipping bench trying to wriggle out of some much-deserved punishment. I was, however, far from hot just after Christmas when I dressed myself in a freshly-shined rubber outfit for a photoshoot in temperatures a long, long way below freezing in a forest in Norway. I had dressed in my stunning, latex, military-style uniform at my hotel which meant I was tightly-rubber clad for the three hour drive from my ski-resort hotel in central Norway to the freezing, snowy forest near the historic town of Trandumskogen. They say, don`t they, that horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies `glow`: so all I will reveal is that this lady was certainly glowing in her rubber by the time we reached the shoot location.

This was a 90 minute shoot with a talented Norwegian photographer but in total it took an entire day after you add in the two hours it took me to put on the rubberwear at my hotel and the six hours of driving. To cap it all I went from a hot car to a frozen landscape in VERY sub-zero temperatures and then discovered that, naturally, there were no bathroom facilities in the forest! It was all worth it though because the photographs were very good and they make up yet another stunning portfolio of pictures which I will share in due course with the loyal members of my club site. One of the highlights was watching my slave being directed by me as to when and where he should walk and move around. I had him dressed in a pumped up rubber suit with a huge, inflatable latex hood. He distinctly resembled a rubber Mr Man figure which proved a source of endless amusement for his mistress throughout the day.


All of the rubberwear, my patent boots, the pumping machine and the like took a huge amount of space in my car; I was just grateful that the fetish photographers had a selection of his own fetish gasmasks with him so that i didn`t have to add those to the enormous suitcases full of kinky equipment with which I usually travel on my many trips around the globe living up to my reputation as a famous international BDSM Mistress. I enjoyed my trip to the near-arctic, honing my skiing skills, seeing beautiful winter landscapes, taking those wonderful pictures and, best of all, giving some of my Scandinavian friends the chance to book their own private BDSM sessions with me at various hotels around the country.

All in all a great (albeit chilly) success.

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