Hove Bound

Dec 5, 2012

 Oh I do love to be beside the seaside: particularly in Brighton (well Hove actually) where just about anything goes and all kinds of naughtiness is happily accepted as the norm. I had a fun day there last week when I bundled a couple of bondage slaves into the trunk of my car and went to film a few sexy scenes with my favourite fellow Domme, Miss Velour. Her delightful Mews cottage, just a stone's throw from the beach, has its own well equipped, and very stylish, playroom. Perhaps spurred on by the sunny seaside weather, which always seems to get my juices flowing, we two girls couldn't wait to get dressed-up for action and to start tormenting and teasing our slaves.

My beautiful and sexy Italian friend soon had one of her own slaves strapped to her medical bench and I wasted no time in forcing my slaves into some bi action to service him. Honestly, if there is more fun than watching one unwilling slave fuck another man’s arse with a huge cock gag strapped in his mouth, then I have yet to find it. Time flies when you are having fun and the precise details of who did what painful thing, to whom, blur a little when so many bodies are all having a good time. You will have to watch the films on my site to enjoy my day out in Brighton to the full.

And yet, a couple of our wonderful games do stand out: Miss Velour and I are in complete agreement that any slave worth his sale should instantly recognise and crave for the scent of his own Mistress and so we decided to put all three slaves to our own unique version of a blind taste test. Blindfolded and kneeling before us, each was presented with various female bodily samples to guess from which Mistress the scent had originated.

Well, what a disappointment after all my years of training! They all failed to pick out the correct Mistress' spit in their mouths, none seemed to have a clue about the correct armpit scent, and most shameful of all, none of the worthless wretches could even tell whose vaginal juices were whose. Of course, to be fair, they couldn't actually see which end of the double dildo went in Miss Velour's'cunt and which end went deep into me, but that's no excuse really when they each got to both sniff and taste the resulting pussy-cream-coated condom.

Needless to say, their joint failure led to severe punishment for all, and a wanking contest in which, oddly enough, the slowest contender got the only prize: the spunk from both other contestants thrust into his mouth on the rubber gloves of two mischievous mistresses. Great fun which has left me looking forward to my next double-domme filming away-day: not sure yet where that will be but watch out on my site for “Mistress Miranda:” coming soon to a town near you!

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