Jul 28, 2011

Exhausted and happy, this just about sums me up at this moment. I have a long hot bath waiting for me, prepared for my arrival home and thank god, Im exhausted. Today was the first time I got to use my Prison wing M and wow what an opening. Thank you to all who attended. The day kicked off with the arrival of a brand new slave in my premises, getting initiated into my very special method of detention and reintegration.
All who attended were led into 'court' with a seriously long and complicated  charge sheet of past misdemeanours. All those who stood before the judge and jury were found guilty as charged. I was feeling particularly aggressive as a week's holiday previously, meant that I had a dominant itch that needed scratching.
Description alone cannot encapsulate the day, there was so much play that went on including strap ons, electrics, suspension, let's just say that every prisoner got exactly what was cuming.....lol
Thanks to Sherry's attentions, no one was left out, no slave was ignored for longer than needed. My isolation cell, wet cell and metal prison cells got well and truly serviced.  One of my huge mirrors got  broken, but boy what a way to go.
Thank you for all my lovely gifts, I feel really privileged to have  such wonderful detainees. See you all sooner than you might hope. Haha.

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