If you go in the Woods

May 16, 2011

Thank god it didnt rain Friday, especially as your favourite Mistress was outdoors for another woodland adventure. It seemed like a perfect day, sun shining, birds singing and a short drive brings us to a clearing. I have packed some essentials and of course plan to pick up some play items en route too. As we wander looking for the perfect area, I instruct my slave to collect nettles, plus 2 sticks (one for beating and one for prodding). My slave is wearing a chamisole under his shirt, a pair of mallard green panties (yes they do exist....) plus pantihose. Getting back to nature has never been so fun, especially as I start my sub humping a tree, tying him to it by his balls and tripping his mind into overdrive, when, not only do I threaten to leave him, I actually walk far enough away that he cant see me. His hands are tied behind his back, his clothes confiscated (I decided to wear his shirt so he couldnt get it back in a hurry) and his trousers were no where to be seen.

On returning, my fretting slave got a good dose of nettles to his balls and nipples, a ball beating and cock whipping, a water sports soaking, a selection of dirty sticks up his arse before he got to cum all over his own face. Oh, did I mention, yet again we got caught by a dog walker, this time a male one. It wasnt quite as bad as last time as my slave had time to put his trousers on before he was on top of us (so to speak) but its still enough to put the wind up my soaked slave.

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