If you go to the woods today..

Nov 15, 2010

Picture this, your Mistress dressed for the elements, devious thoughts going wild throughout my mind. Poor slave shivering his knackers off naked (well almost i allowed him shoes), tied to a tree, rain drizzling, wind howling on a pitch black night.

I've only a torch for company and a carrier bag full of play items. Yes, it was bloody freezing this Friday but my slave spent the best part of an hour, rolling around in leaves, being covered in watersports, being sent off to doerrands (find me some nettles or else), see that furthest tree? good, yes its by the road but go run and touch it and come back. Obviously i tied my slave and left him alone for a few minutes in the dark woods, not too long of course as i didnt want to get lost myself!!!

Needless to say after an hour of frolicking we ended up back at the dungeon for a good dose of cock sucking (i had a slave waiting in the wings to top off his night) before the long awaited climax.

What an interesting night.

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