Im Back! Did You Miss Me?

Aug 15, 2013

Ever since I got back from my filming trip to America I have been so frantically busy due to the success of my ‘summer sizzler’ bargain day that I’ve not had the time to properly update my blog which may have led some of you to wrongly suppose I am still in Pittsburgh! However, I can assure you that I am well and truly back into the swing of things in Hanwell, giving the male population of London hell. The other busy task over the past few days has been finalising my filming trip to Spain in October with Fetish Liza and a variety of other naughty young ladies. You will have seen the trip details on my site and I’m glad to say that there are still a couple of places available for any of my slaves who wish to spend the week filming (or just sessioning without the camera ) with we two attractive and dominant ladies.  In addition, we can accommodate a few other subs for overnight or shorter stays, within the luxury surroundings of the villa or spending uncomfortable and humiliating nights locked and bound in the animal cage within the grounds.

Although that has all taken some of my attention there has still been time to torment some of my slaves in some astonishing sessions over the past few days and I think it is only fair to share some of the sexy details with you all. Sometimes one takes one’s inspiration for a scene from a variety of sources. Yesterday it was the suffering of one Japanese woman sub which inspired me to give one of my regular slaves a very interesting time indeed.  I had seen the Japanese woman being tormented with hot wax and, being the competitive Mistress that I am, I was naturally determined to go a lot further. Nothing short of turning one of my subs into a human chandelier was going to satisfy my appetite for this particular game. I started off in my suspension room by laying out a large dust sheet to protect my floor from all of the wax that was soon going to be dripping down from on high. This, I promised myself, was going to get hot and messy.  

The next stage was to lay my subbie down, lift his feet towards the ceiling with suspension cuffs and multiple rope ties around his thighs, knees and ankles and then secure his arms safely out of the way with further ropes behind his back. Although I say so myself, the ropework was a treat to behold. Pulling his feet up again, I inserted candles in between each of his toes and then worked my way lower adding more candles both front and back in between all of the rope bindings around his body. It was time to light up the party and fire up all of the candles. He made a dazzling sight, half-upside down with hot was dripping down on every side. As the candles burned more fiercely, the flow of wax turned into a virtual waterfall of hot torment for his naked skin. Being the kind Mistress that I am I, of course, ensured that none of the drips went near his eyes but the rest of his body, and particularly his cock, his balls and his arse crack were very much fair game.

But one thing was missing; the flow of wax seemed to be missing his nipples, and that would never do. I introduced a stand and clamp to hold yet another candle, perfectly poised to drop directly onto the left side of his chest and that nipple, but still had a problem in creating a flow for the other side. The only answer was for me to hold the candle myself; standing over my bound slave and carefully aiming the drops to catch the precise centre of his now-tormented little chest bud. I know what you are all thinking… how kind of Mistress to put herself out in that way just to make the balance just right? Well, of course, I would not normally go to such trouble for a mere slave, but sometimes one has to suffer for one’s art.

That was just the start of a four hour long session for my chandelier slave: I may write more of his suffering in a day or two. Right now, however, there are other plans afoot.  Following the success of

my USA trip I’ve been invited to fly over the Atlantic again for further filming adventures, this time in the direction of LA. So, It might soon be Hollywood here I come… do ‘Watch this space.’

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