Inappropriate anal obsessive complex!

Sep 7, 2011

Well hasn't it just been a miserable few days weather wise. However the sun shines continuously in Hanwell.....or does it?? Not for the first 'patient' of the day to enter my clinic. It seems he has a very serious complaint that needs immediate 'aversion therapy' from a strict matron. After initial consultation, a spell in the padded cell in chains starts his therapy by giving him time in isolation to consider what he has done wrong, I then transport him to the secure medical facility. My initial diagnosis is correct, 'inappropriate anal obsessive complex'. It appears the patient has been having unauthorised sexual fantasies about his healthcare professional and a number of anal insertions have featured heavily.
Obviously, such deviance, cannot be left unchecked. The only course of action is to inflict all these rectal practices on the secured patient. First he is examined by my gloved hand, second a large electric plug is used to channel the mind to the sensation of being fucked whilst I reaffirm the obvious view that anal penetration for the aid of sexual gratification is strictly forbidden. The idea that I should feature in these fantasies is extremely unprofessional and this behaviour must be modified with a strong dose of electro cbt treatment.
The power of suggestion is further enhanced, and my patient soon learns that sexualisation on the rectal passage is not an option. Obviously this therapy is not a long term cure, I'm expecting him back for further 'top up' treatments which therefore keeps his condition at bay.

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