Is there a Doctor in the House?!

Feb 2, 2012

As many of my regular clients will know, my Hanwell Manor Clinic is superbly equipped to handle a host of challenging medical conditions, including such problems as Blocked-Ball Syndrome, Bowel Impactation and even Penile Stretching and Testicular Acupuncture.  However, when my own favourite nurse, Sherry, needed treatment this week I thought it was best to call in an expert slave for a second opinion.  Sherry had confided to me that she was finding intercourse less pleasurable than usual because her vaginal muscles were tense and in need of easing.  I thought my regular slave “Doctor Robert” would be the perfect man for the job.  

Like all good doctors, his first step was a thorough examination of the patient, and so I stretched Sherry out on my medical bench with her legs secured in the gynaecological stirrups.  A series of straps were tightened across her arms, legs and body to ensure that she would not wriggle around in the course of what I knew would be a deeply-intrusive, internal examination. I was concerned at first that Sherry’s little white blouse, grey school skirt and hold-up stockings might hinder the examination, but the Doctor was quick to reassure me that he was happy to cope and that her pretty little panties could easily be pulled aside at a moment’s notice, or removed completely for easy access.

My slave explained that it was essential for him to use all his senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch in order for him to make a proper diagnosis. First step was indeed the removal of her underwear so that he could properly see the shape, colour and skin texture of her pudenda and vaginal slit. (Luckily, Sherry is always shaved to allow a clear view of her genitalia) Next, it was necessary for him to bury his nose between her gently-protruding labia to inhale her intimate scent. This was successfully accomplished before fingers were inserted deep into her vagina to test the strength of the muscles of her vaginal wall. Matching numbers of fingers pushed, simultaneously, into her rear allowed the doctor to determine if there had been any thickening of the wall between vagina and rectum. Doctor Robert explained that he was rapidly pumping his fingers in and out of her twin holes purely to gauge how wet and ‘squishy’ were the sounds that her juices were making.

I’m proud to say that although she is a slim, pretty, young thing, Nurse Sherry was able to withstand this rigorous examination with ease. Indeed, one might almost have thought that the growing volume of her little gasps and her heavy breathing, particularly as the doctor’s tongue went to work, meant that she was enjoying the treatment.  Such signs in the past have indicated Sherry was reaching orgasm, although she would, of course, never really have allowed that to happen in a medical exam like this one.  I am pleased to report that I was able to play a modest role in her treatment, happily stretching Sherry’s labia lips wide open for the doctor’s convenience, and then holding her bum cheeks apart in order that his tongue could penetrate her anus to the fullest possible extent. It was the least I could do. I think there was relief all round at Hanwell Manor when the diagnosis was finally confirmed: a slight case of ‘cunt-clenching’ which might easily be treated by a hard-shafting from Sherry’s boyfriend.  Amazingly, our good doctor did offer to fuck her himself, although we felt this was truly above and beyond the call of duty. With such a vulgar tone, my ever-ready ‘bullshit’ detector ears were on high alert. ‘Cunt- clenching’ did seem a tad laymen, but always ready to give the benefit of the doubt we continued.

To my surprise, I discovered, as Sherry adjusted her clothing, that my slave had clearly enjoyed his doctor and nurse duties a little too much.  Id suspected that he may have been lying about his medical credentials and that his intimate examination might have been more for his benefit than for Sherry’s and this was all the proof id needed. It was time to take him in hand and teach him that in my premises only women are allowed any enjoyment: pleasure for slaves in my presence can only result in matching pain and humiliation.

Before he could utter even his Hippocratic Oath, the good ‘Doctor’ found himself in Sherry’s place on my medical bench.  His request to use the medical room’s lavatory facilities threatened for a moment to disrupt proceedings, but then, as so often happens, I had a really good idea. Sherry and I dressed the slave in an adult disposal nappy, enabling our games to continue for as long as we wished. Of course, we then decided to test the nappy’s leakage capabilities to the limit by both producing our own copious quantities of warm house champagne which were carefully syringed under the waistband of our slave’s nappy.  Finally the triple-wet nappy was wrapped around the bound slave’s face as I applied a new prescription of heavy breath control, ball-stretching and incessant treatment from my most reliable magic wand vibrator. The inevitable result was his production of a copious sample of spunk, fully confirming my suspicion that his interest in my young nurse had been less than professional.  The bogus Doctor’s future punishment has yet to be decided in the court of Miss Miranda, but suffice it to say that I will make him rue the day he tried to deceive both me and such an innocent young lady. 

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