Its Good To Talk

Feb 18, 2014

 Sometimes it's good to listen to my slaves and I always welcome creative contributions that tell me how they feel about a session. I had such an astonishingly interesting session with this particular slave the other day that I gave my brief feedback to him and he promised to put his feedback in words. I asked if I could share it - and here it is: My apologies for putting up two blogs in quick succession on the same day but I like them to stay reasonably chronologically accurate and this is one I really wanted my members to read:

A Slave writes: ...and yet again, I found myself covered in a latex rubber suit, being bound to the medical chair by Mistress Miranda. I savoured my last view of Mistress' bum and amply displayed cleavage before darkness descended as the inflatable rubber hood was pulled over my head, and then inflated. I could see a tiny bit of the medical room and my Mistress pulling a green rubber sheet over me through the breathing port. "Time to start stretching and dilating your slutty arse now" she whispered in my rubber-clad ear. The breathing port in the hood went dark as the rubber hose was attached, and Mistress started playing her breathing games with me. I was soon feeling rather light- headed, and relaxed - yet fearful of what was coming next. The coldness of the electrical plug pushing against my sphincter was a shock, as Mistress pushed it gently past my sit bones and sphincter, and then it almost fell into my bum as it reacted positively to the huge invasion - pulling it in seeking its need to be deeply fucked . Seconds later the electricity was flowing. My arse was being slowly fucked, and my mind was being toyed with as Mistress controlled my air supply. Mistress Miranda determined it was time to increase the current after a few minutes as a way to distract me from what was about to happen to my poor nipples. The swabbing of my sensitive nipples with the alcohol wipes brings a special kind of fear to me - seconds later she was pushing through the needles AND sutures through each nipple. I asked for some leniency but that wasn't happening. My choices were electrified nipples or stretched nipples. It didn't matter, both were going to happen eventually, and concurrently! Then down to the substantial fisting abuse of my arse. The butt plug was withdrawn, to be replaced by the warmth of Mistress's gloved hands. Stretching, one hand then the other, then both, then deeper, running her fingers around my colon until I had become the true anal slut that I love being under Mistress' tutelage. Finally Mistress deemed that I had suffered sufficiently to be allowed the wanking machine. 10 minutes of tweaking the controls until it was set so that I was sucked and pumped at an infuriatingly slow pace. More breath control tricks distracted me, until Mistress said "Here comes the lube feed", the faint gurgling of the warm lube through the tubes and round my penis coupled with Mistress' hand deeply fisting my arse completed my evening of slut behaviour. It took 10 minutes for me to come down from the most all-encompassing orgasm of my life.

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