Jessica 'Lucia' Rabbit

Jan 13, 2016

 Sometimes, if slaves have not been to see me for a while, it’s necessary to prepare their minds and their bodies afresh for the rigours and pleasures of a session with their Mistress; especially so if his balls are full to overflowing and my slavegirl Lucia Love is also present and needing my attention. I know that none of my loyal subbies would ever want to let their Mistress down by not being ready for any games that I may wish to play with you.

That was the case this week when a slave who had been absent for a good while booked a session which was also to involve the lovely Lucia Love in a submissive role. Even before Lucia arrived I decided that a deep fisting was in order to stretch the slave’s rear so that he would be able to take whatever the day held from me and my BDSM companion in crime. I could see that there was an immediate effect on my sub from the moment that Lucia walked in the dungeon door; perhaps unsurprising as I had instructed her to wear high heels, stockings and suspender belt and a striking red shade of lipstick. “Oh God… you look like Jessica from the Roger Rabbit film,” my slave exclaimed when he got his breath back.

While his warm-up fisting from me had been underway, I had allowed the slave to watch a selection of his own porn films that he had brought to Hanwell Towers and I noticed that there was a preponderance of girl-on-girl fisting scenes. I told Lucia to give him a little visual teasing treat of what might be coming his way later in the session by holding her arse cheeks open and allowing a glimpse of her bottom-hole and even a sneaky peek at her pussy. Once he was even more aroused, I gave Lucia a lesson in fisting techniques and told the slave that he had to accept her fist in order to earn the right to possibly see more of her naked flesh. Lucia proved an apt fisting pupil and she soon had the guy on her hand like a glove puppet: it amused me greatly that he was her puppet and she was mine since I was the puppet master ordering them both to do my bidding.

From that point on, the slave was given a rare treat: two hands in his rear, Lucia’s breasts smothering his face, him licking her nipples and she licking his, and the promise of Lucia giving him a blow-job if he followed my order precisely in how he might please my slavegirl’s body. To give him a fair chance, I strapped Lucia down on her back in the suspension room, with her legs in the air so that he could give her some anal worship for half an hour or more and then lick her till she came. He duly ended up with her pussy juice smeared all over his face. His reward was another half an hour on the medical bench with Lucia sucking him the entire time but cleverly adjusting her technique to ensure that he was kept on the edge but still denied the climax he was craving.

I did consider just sending him away teased and frustrated, but seeing the state he was in, even I could not be that cruel a mistress: I sent Lucia away and took over his treatment myself. A further working over with my fist reached its spectacular climax when I used my powerful magic wand to round off a fabulously successful and fun session by milking his balls of every last drop of spunk. A lucky slave who I am sure will not leave it so long again to visit me in Hanwell.

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