Journey Into The Unknown

Feb 10, 2015

 Complete and utter public humiliation can be so hard for a slave to cope with - but such enormous fun for me. With that in mind it was good to have plenty of time to plan a lengthy humiliation and pain session for one of my subbies this week, especially because I knew he would be in my clutches for at least a four-hours, or more, session. He had been instructed to go shopping before he arrived and buy himself a black bra, a see through white blouse, sweet girlie ‘pumps’, some pretty pop-sox and some nail varnish. I suspect that his shopping list gave him some idea of the humiliation I had in store.
Upon arrival he was instructed to strip off and put on his new girlie clothes before I teased and tormented him for a while in the dungeon with a Magic Wand vibrator. Our game was that he had to design his own punishments for the session and I was soon applying my own brand of Mistress’s truth serum to ensure that his ideas became more and more inventive as he grew more excited and frustrated. Naturally, I had to improve on the ideas and put my own spin on the plans he came up with.

As his torture continued, we were talking about what we were going to do together on our trip out of the dungeon to show off his new feminine look in public. I wanted to go for a wander around the local district but our first stop was at my local Wickes building equipment superstore where I wanted some of the burly builders to fully appreciate his blouse and girly shoes. Naturally, I wasted no opportunity to tell my slave just how many people were staring and talking about him as we walked around the store. Because I am a kind and caring Mistress, I had at least allowed him to carry a bottle of special aroma around with him in his bra so that I could administer a dose or two to calm him down when his humiliation threatened to get the better of his emotions.
In Wickes we were soon browsing through the range of clips and clamps to find something suitably painful for his nipples and some rough string with which I could later tie up his balls. I got so much enjoyment from his embarrassment when he paid at the cash tills and was unable to hide his prettily-painted fingernails: even though I would have preferred a brighter and more noticeable colour. That lapse did allow me to add one more detail to his growing list of faults requiring punishment.
In my local builders’ café, I made slave take off his jacket so that our fellow diners could enjoy the sight of his bra showing through his girlie blouse. Hanwell is perhaps not the most cosmopolitan of places to cope with such sights and my subbie was soon wishing that he had been taken out in central London, but of course he had no choice but to please me. His humiliation increased even more later on in our trip when I made him change his blouse for an even more revealing cami-top before buying me lunch in another local café. The highlight for me was when a fellow diner spilled his coffee and a male member of staff got under out table to mop up the mess. I could feel subbie cringing as this guy got a close up look at his ballet pumps and pop-sox: delightful!

Back in the dungeon it was time for his serious punishment. His balls were tied with the roughest of ropes and beaten a little before he had his nipples clamped and his arse raped with one of my strap-ons. My slave really didn’t want to go out again, his feet were sore from walking in girlie shoes, but we had one last errand to run as we walked the length of the high Street to the chemist to purchase some fresh and burning hot Deep heat cream. I lied to him that it was to make his sore feet better but I think he already had a very good idea of where that was going to be used! (certainly not on his feet) I did, however, let him sit down for a while, almost forgetting that in the dungeon I had taped his balls up in such a way that it was impossible for him to sit down without painfully squashing his own bollocks. Silly forgetful me!
Finally back in the dungeon it was time to tie him up and have a lengthy chat about our exploits and the fun of the day. The stupid slave was soon showing signs that our chat was exciting him, and so I decided to force an orgasm from him – only to completely ruin it, with no pleasure at all for him at the very last minute. Oh Dear…. Was that frustrating? Never mind, we waited 20 minutes and then started again to see if there was a second cumming waiting in the wings. When he finally shot his load it was clearly a great relief after such a lengthy and humiliating time: just the way he likes it.

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