Juliette De-Sade

Dec 6, 2012

 I met a delightful Mistress this Tuesday by the name of Juliette De-Sade. For those of you who don't travel further than Watford, Juliette is located in Huddersfield but I can say she is well worth a trip. Our adventures started in my suspension room with a very nasty recurring case of conjoined balls. This treatment usually occurs in the medical room but it was deemed necessary to start with the patient standing to gauge the full severity of the problem. We tied and separated those balls, dragging them apart, a difficult procedure at the best of times, but luckily we had each other to assist which made life dramatically easier.

Moving to the medical room, the patient was treated with some specialised separation techniques that Nurse De-Sade specialised in. I watched with intense interest as she skilfully cross stitched the needles in a wonderful pattern. I felt that the urethra needed dilating with some sizeable sounds before a powerful suction pump was added to bring forth his retracted shaft.

The next slave on the agenda had really crossed the line. He had arrived a few days before coughing and spluttering and decided that he should STILL come to see me. "if I get ill your for it" i warned him, and sure enough his plague had spread to me! so, the fact that I had an extra pair of hands visiting for the day seemed to be the ideal opportunity to eek my revenge for getting the dreaded 'manflu'. strapping the unfortunate slave to the chair, we gave him a roasting of a lifetime.

We tag teamed the action so the slave never once had a reprieve, his balls were tied and stretched to some elasticised nipple clamps, so a move on one meant a move on the other. Mistress Juliette selected a pin prick cock sheath for his shaft and mercilessly attached it whilst I kept his head upright by using the d ring on top of the hood. Suffering for spreading his germs, I decided to give them back to him by spitting in his mouth over and over again.

Moving on to the whipping bench the slaves ass was given a good pounding by a heavy duty paddle. better still, I strapped his balls up and MJDS gave them a powerful slap. Dragging the slave onto my heels at the front whist Mistress Juliette worked his rear gave me an idea. How about joining the slaves balls to his head? Every time the wretch flings his head in pain, he will pull on his own balls.

Last but by no means least, for spreading his germs there has to be a price, a long painful milking which would culminate on some feeding, cum swallowing seems the ultimate for being so generous with his germs.

Our final slave of the day had given his last red card. Sour grapes I hear you cry from my camp, well yes of course it was. Spoiling my game of football and getting me sent off could bring nothing but trouble to our ref, such a shame he didn't realise who he was dealing with. You play with the big girls and you will get burned. Awakening in my chambers to be greeted by two angry women, what better way to demonstrate our displeasure with a series of heavy duty ball kicks to the balls. 'Offside' has never been so fun.

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