June Soaking

Jun 28, 2014

 Although the full range of my bondage, medical and domination games is best seen in appointments lasting a couple of hours or more, it is, once in a while, fun to hurry things along with a quicker session aimed at extracting the maximum slave humiliation and discomfort in the shortest possible time. Thus it was that an utterly desperate slave came to visit me for just an hour today, his bollocks burstingly full and his overwhelming sexual frustration plain to see on his face and in his pleading eyes. I determined then and there to give him a more rapid treatment than I usually enjoy and whipped (no pun intended) him quickly into the upstairs dungeon for some intense teasing that had him, literally, drooling for some form of relief. Naturally, I immediately upped the teasing level even more and forbade him on pain of banishment from my sight from letting his hands stray anywhere near his aching cock and balls.

With all of the many improvements at my Hanwell premises, I now have ‘wet rooms’ both upstairs in the dungeon and downstairs in my new medical suite. So it was that my now naked slave found himself lying, face-up, on the wet room shower floor as I killed two birds with one stone by emptying my straining bladder-full of piss all over his body and into his open mouth. Such a relief for me, and such a treat for the frustrated wretch who, I was pleased to see, still managed to obey my ‘no-touching’ instructions despite his obvious and growing excitement as the golden nectar flowed over and around his. Being the kind Mistress that I am, I allowed him to lay marinating in my piss-bath with permission to wank for just two minutes before showering himself clean again and hurrying back to my side.

With time ticking by (which is why longer sessions always allow my creative cruelty to flourish even more) I soon had him suspended in my purple room, legs spread, balls tied, arms in rigid binders and facing another new addition to the Hanwell armoury: my beautiful new mirror that lets slaves see precisely what torments I am inflicting on their nether regions. With my magic wand vibrator clamped to his cock-end and with my helping hand rubbing him as necessary, I could see that he was going to explode at any moment. It did enter my head to provide a ruined orgasm, letting the spunk pour out without any of the pleasure, but I decided to allow a full milking. Perhaps your Mistress is growing a little kinder these days? (NOT)

I thought his cries of ecstasy as he fell over the edge of what was clearly a precipitous and much-needed orgasm were going to be heard throughout the neighbourhood. It is lucky sometimes that my premises are so private and discreet! There was, of course, a price for him to pay for my kindness in allowing him such a grand emptying and such pleasure: the condom had captured a very full load which was now dangling very obviously from the end of his rapidly shrinking cock. ‘Open wide,’ I instructed, as I carefully removed the condom without letting any of his man-filth contents to spill. Being a great believer in re-cycling, I duly poured the sticky white fluid into his mouth and made him hold it for a little while before giving him permission to swallow. I cannot, after all, have you thinking that your Mistress is not keeping up her high standards of obedience and slave training.

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