Apr 13, 2015

 What a wonderful treat for my Monday morning visitor when my new slavegirl arrived to join me in giving him a multi-handed session that left him gasping with excitement and desperate for the orgasm that I knew was just bursting to erupt from his over-stimulated cock. Even before we started on the double trouble games, I had already had him strapped onto the medical bench with his feet in the stirrups ready for a thorough anal examination which involved all of my latex-gloved fingers and both of my hands. My unique video-specs system allowing slaves to watch their own medical treatment or bondage torment unfold continues to be popular and my Monday client was able to view, in glorious close-up detail, exactly what I was going to do to him with what instrument and when. My subbies seem to love having the sensation of being blindfolded and helpless, yet still able to see my smiling face enjoying the discomfort I am causing them.
Having stretched and opened up his rear with my fists, I added suction cups and electric stimulation to both nipples before moving on to place a sizeable electric plug in his arse and electro-stim pads to each side to intensify the sensation of his being royally fucked by my equipment. I was even kind enough to adjust his real-time personal camera so that he could carefully watch every twist and turn of the rope as I squeezed and tied his balls. The final part of his bondage was to get to work on his cock, drawing an elaborate (and, dare I say it... ‘artistic’) criss-cross of cords around his erect member and then securing it to the leather straps around his waist: one thing was certain, that cock was going nowhere until I decided to set it free! Then, just as I had replaced the nipple suction with clamps attached to a fun ‘tower of pain’ to gradually stretch them further and further, my slavegirl arrived… and things got really interesting and intense.

I moved both male and female slaves into the suspension room and secured the by-now impossibly horny guy into a sitting position on my bondage throne. Naturally I needed to make sure that he couldn’t move a muscle without my permission for fear that he might get carried away by the lovely, and half-naked slavegirl I was suspending in front of him in the middle of the room. It was quite enough excitement for him (for the moment) merely to see her charms rather than touch them.

Securing her upright but bent over sufficiently, in rigid arm binders and with hers wide apart with my leg spreaders, I put my fucking machine in place and left her waiting her penetration while I double checked all of the male slave’s bonds. For good measure I added my Venus wanking machine with its speed set to a slow teasing, inexorable rhythm and pumped up his arse butt plug electrics before turning my attention back to the slavegirl. I would like to say she had been waiting patiently for the fucking machine dildo to push between her legs… but the truth is she had no choice in the matter anyway!

The fucking machine, on its various speed settings was making her pussy wetter and wetter and, judging by the wriggles and moans of lust coming from the bondage chair, was also having a dramatic effect on the guy. Two slaves excited for the price of one: what a clever Mistress I am! All too soon it was time to change positions for one final time for slavegirl to have a little fun sat on my slave’s face while we worked together to give him that long-awaited climax. They say that ‘many hands make light work,’ but I can now attest that many hands also make this guy’s cock work: a thorough and satisfactory milking in every way to end a lengthy start-the-week session. What fun is still to come your Mistress’s way?

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