King of The Understatement

Aug 19, 2015

 What a wonderful two days your Mistress has had, filming and sessioning with the divine Lady Annisa and a mixed bag of nuts of different slaves who wanted to meet us both, or be filmed suffering for our sadistic pleasure. Naturally, given Lady Annisa's extensive medical expertise, it's been a medical extravaganza all the way with your two naughty nurses utilising every aspect of my new medical clinic to the full in a feast of bondage and highly-intrusive and intimate examinations.

We started with an Edinburgh patient, introduced by Lady Annisa and claiming to be tough enough to be able to take any treatment we might wish to try out on his body. We took full advantage of that with a tag-team game of medical destruction: nasal tube insertions, filling and draining all of his orifices as we wished and generally pushing him to his limits.

I was delighted to see that he took all his suffering so much better than my wimpish slave Arnold Rimmer, who, I am ashamed to say, cried like a baby and begged for mercy during Lady Annisa's last visit to London. This time we were able to fully use my medical staple gun and let our joint creative juices fully flow with some permanent piercings which added up to a busy, crazy day with fun for all.

On our second day in the clinic together Lady Annisa and I went to work on a slave of mine whom I've known for 15 years or more. I had been boasting to my friend just how obedient this slave was but unfortunately he failed on this occasion to come fully up to scratch. I called him the 'King of Understatment' when he stared at our images displaying our cleavage on the clinic's video screen and remarked that our boobs were "fine." Interestingly after a spell on the medical bench with both nurses treating him he had changed his opinion of the appeal of our breasts... and duly (and correctly) declared them to be "amazing."

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