Kitkat Club and Berlin

Dec 31, 2011

Well despite spending little more than 48 hours in Berlin, I feel I couldn't have possibly packed in any more. What a wild break it has been, kicking off by meeting Carmen Rivera for an introductory friendly drink, which soon turned into a mulled wine extravaganza. Regulars of mine will know that drinking is not something I generally do, so, the entertaining evening soon turned into a very painful morning!!! I know, we've all been there haven't we.

With a few hours sleep, a struggling breakfast and with a will to continue I set off seeing the sights of Berlin, checkpoint Charlie, Alexanderplatz, the Hackerstrabe and Friedrichstadt. After a good meal, and a hell of a lot of coffee it was back to the hotel to prepare for a very long and very wild night.

By the time my makeup was on, my hair in place and my hangover gone for good I was ready to hit the club and prepare. Playing on stage is a totally new experience for me. I'd packed lots of ropes, dildos and far too many outfits as the plans for costume changes were scrapped due to logistical reasons.

Once the action got underway, the XXXL strap on scenes just got more crazy by the second. Multiple fisting, footing and spit roasting filled the stage. 5 Dommes, active and passive slaves proved to heat up the crowd to the max. I think in future full rubber for me needs to be replaced by more tantalising flesh bearing outfits as boy was I hot hot hot, melting away on stage but hey you live and learn.

Watch the site, the film will be up in the upcoming months. In fact there is a lot of amazing material including exclusive content for your perusal, just as soon as your hard working Domme survives another night of frivolity today, New Years Eve but then that's another story!!

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