Lady Anissa...tise....

Mar 6, 2014

My Hanwell Clinic medical facilities were fully stretched this week – a little like the scrotal sac of one of my slaves – when my Scottish nursing colleague Lady Annisa came to assist in some experimental medical treatments on my stable of willing patients. Recruiting her vast medical experience to assist my own alter ego “Nurse Despair” in examining and tormenting my slaves was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up: and better still it was all filmed to appear in due course on my club site for you all to enjoy. The day passed by in a whirl of piercings, inflation, nasal-gastric tubes, deep anal examinations and electrified testicles as the two of us pushed medial knowledge to its limits in our quest to help slavekind.

To say that our first patient of the day was nervous would be an understatement, Petrified and shaking would be a better description! In most normal clinics the staff recognise a patient’s fears and do their best to put him at ease by saying that the procedures won’t hurt and will be over in a trice. NOT my approach at Hanwell, I’m afraid. Lady Annisa and I love our patients to be scared, it puts up their heart rate, heightens their sensitivity and makes it so much easier to cause them the pain and distress they are all seeking to enjoy. Discovering that the first patient has a phobia about needles – and intensely sensitive nipples – gave Lady Annisa the chance to show off her own capabilities of absorbing pain with no trouble or sound whatsoever. She delighted in showing my slave the needles that were soon going to be piercing his nipples and balls and then making him watch as she inserted two of them into her own breast and warned him that any sound from him when the same thing happened would bring severe retribution. I though the poor chap was going to pass out from fear but we are much too caring for our slaves wellbeing to let that happen! Well… what a lot of fuss and bother as the two needles went slowly through his left nipple. Squealing and shaking and wriggling against the immovable straps which were pinning him down to our medical bench. Of course I gave him time to recover before adding two more on the other side: symmetry is after all my watchword! All of that fun was. However, just a sideshow from the main event which was to simultaneously inflate the patient’s scrotal sac with substantial quantities of saline whilst at the same time passing a gastric tube down his nose to his stomach to allow forced feeding direct into his tummy of any substance we so choose. There has been a lot of giggles among the nursing staff about exactly what food or drink we should use! Needless to say little slavegirl Sherry’s feeding suggestions were not only among the most imaginative, but also among the filthiest imaginable.: As I said to her, I do not want slave vomit in my premises. In the event, the inflation proceeded exactly to plan and the subbie’s bollocks soon resembled a matching pair of grapefruit. The fluid interestingly migrates around inside the skin of the sac and that covering his cock and so in time the balls seem to subsume the cock which is itself swollen and with a foreskin resembling a lifesaving rubber ring. Once the needles are in place near the balls the procedure is not too painful, although this slave reported he was left inflated for the following 36 hours as it slowly subsided. His biggest problem was having to sit down to pee like a girlie – especially on the occasion when he forgot how big his balls now were and sat on them! Even I went ‘ouch’ at that one. We had originally planned to go on to watermelon size and after disconnecting the drip we did discover that there was still quite a lot of slack in his wrinkled bollock sac. Next time we go for broke. There were, however, other subbies for Lady Annisa and I to deal with and the next patient required all of our combined skills to loosen his rear to accept nto only our fingers – sometimes together – but also a range of butt plugs. Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to mention the day’s other successful medical breakthrough of inserting the largest sound in my collection deep into the stretched urethra of one lucky slave. A sound this size was a Hanwell record! He seemed to take it quite comfortably, although once I electrified the metal probe and squeezed his cock around it, he seemed to hope the treatment would soon be complete!

All of our medical games were filmed for showing on my club site in due course. I can’t wait to see how the films of electrified cock needles and simultaneous breath control and nipple torture turns out and there are other medical delights a plenty to share as well. It was delightful to work with such a skilled nurse as Lady Annisa and we made a great tag team with one of us working on each slave’s nether regions while the other busied herself with medication or torment at the ‘top’ end. Despite their fear and distress (why are men such babies when it comes to accepting necessary medical treatments? After all Nurse Despair doesn’t want to hurt them really!!) ) all of my patients loved every minute and are eager to come back. So much so that I am hoping to persuade Lady Annisa to come and visit my clinic again soon. After all, there are watermelons to fill and we have to complete out nasal-gastric tube experiments… watch this space.

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