Lady Annisa

May 20, 2013

It’s wonderful to find another Mistress with extensive medical equipment and facilities to rival my own at Hanwell Towers. That is certainly the case with my new domme friend Lady Annisa who not only has all the equipment any medical fetish fan could possibly desire but also has the skill to use it to the full. Thus we were able to keep track of the pulse-rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation levels of one of my most experienced slaves as we two Mistresses put his body and his mind through unending torment in a set of films shortly available to you all on my club site. Knowing precisely the stress levels we were inducing let us safely up the ante of every one of the tortures we inflicted and gave my slave an experience he will long remember and cherish.

For the first scenario we filmed on my visit, Lady Annisa and I wanted to help the environment while still having our cruel fun. We all want to save the planet by restricting carbon emissions and Mistresses must play their part in trying to cut down on excessive breathing by their many slaves. Laboratory research into such matters is restricted in England by outdated laws giving even slaves some human rights: such as the right to breathe. Thank goodness that’s not the case in Scotland where Lady Annisa has her clinic and where she has been conducting a long term clinical trial to ascertain whether slaves can be trained in various breath restriction methods. We filmed a series of experiments on our hapless victim. There is always a danger that panic might induce the subject to thrash around and possibly injure himself – or more importantly his Mistress. So his arms and legs were immovably strapped down and chest straps put in place to make sure that not the slightest wriggle could distort our test results. Then we worked together to find every possible way of restricting his breathing, ranging from smothering with rubber-gloved hands to hoods and masks of every description as well as letting him breathe our second-hand air.

A second clinical trial tested the elasticity of slaves’ skin and body parts. The data we obtained may have a vitally important role in producing skin-care products of use to Mistresses all over the world. Obviously then, the fact that live male slaves had to be experimented upon in numerous painful and distressing ways is of no consequence when weighed against the essential need for women’s beauty to be maintained. My slave was secured in such a way that Lady Annisa and I had easy access to his nipples and his genitalia: all areas from which vital data can be obtained. The application of our own design of ‘tower of pain’ nipple-stretcher offered the chance to see how far the nipples could be pulled before the victim’s moans of pain become a nuisance to the Mistresses conducting the experiment. Once nipple limits had been ascertained, then a series of cock and ball experiments tested the elasticity of the skin in these sensitive regions. Cords clamped to the foreskin were pulled upwards or weighed downwards to see how far the skin would stretch before individual testicles were tied and separated. It is too soon, of course, to reveal all of our test results but suffice it to say that Lady Annisa and I were delighted with the sadistic fun we had whilst putting my slave through his paces. I like to think too that when the sub finally recovers from the stretching and pulling of all his dangling man bits then he will also be pleased to have made a valuable contribution to Mistress’s skin-cream science.

Lady Annisa then took the opportunity of my visit to ask me for a second opinion about one of her most troublesome patients. This slave suffers from a tight back passage, meaning he is unable to accommodate strap-on treatments which his nurse has prescribed. Unless a cure can quickly be found, he may be dismissed from service and, understandably, he had begged for our help to avoid this terrible fate. Arranging the slave in a somewhat humiliating position on all fours with his arse high in the air, I watched as my colleague inserted a finger or two into his rear to demonstrate the problem. Then it was time for me to don my rubber gloves to conduct my own more probing examination. Once I had satisfied myself that the diagnosis of TBS ‘Tight Arse Syndrome’ was correct, we prescribed the miracle cure of a female-liquid enema. My fellow nurse and I both kindly donated sufficient quantities of warm urine to mix together into a piss-cocktail to fill the patient as required.

It would be a sad old world if we were all the same, wouldn’t it? My years of experience have taught me that every slave’s pain threshold is different. So for our final film I took the opportunity of working with my fellow domme Lady Annisa to test out my own theory that sluts can bear a lot more pain if they are sexually excited. With lady Annisa’s help I fitted a sissy slut with a variety of electric bands, probes and a suitably sized electric butt plug in order to deliver pain in precisely measured quantities. Still dressed in his pretty maid’s dress and stockings, ‘she’ was suitably restrained as we slowly increased pain levels to each area. Experiments with rats have shown that when they are hungry enough, they will willingly walk over electric shock plates to reach food. As sex is a far more important stimulus than food in men, I was sure that the same principle would apply. And that is exactly what our tests proved: after reducing our sissy to tears of pain, we were then able to up the electric levels even higher, accompanied by judicious application of my magic wand vibrator and Lady Annisa’s Venus wanking machine. Unfortunately for our experimental subject we decided to stop just before orgasm was achieved: valuable data for us - but a suitably frustrating experience for him.

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