Last Plane From Pittsburgh

Aug 10, 2013

So here we are, the last day at the Pittsburgh compound and things have flown by so very, very fast. Domina Irene boss had arranged a nice little sissy slut for me to play with, and had kindly suspended and electrified him for my personal enjoyment. Looking at his hairy balls (so not befitting a slut, I feel) I couldn’t help but reach for the razor: I’ve always found that hairless bollocks naturally conduct electricity so much more efficiently than hirsute ones. 

Perhaps I should give you more details of this slave’s situation. He was suspended in a seated position, gagged and fully transformed in TV wear. This frilly-pantie wearing sub was completely at my mercy.  Domaina boss looked divine in her matching electric blue catsuit and corset with black boots and hat. To complement her choice of outfit, I had donned a blue rubber bra, shorts and a black corset.

As my friend handed over her piece of sissified meat for my direct attention I felt overjoyed to be given free rein with her property. Thanks to having had a good look around the dungeon already, I'd located a number of pieces that I wanted to use, starting with a pair of leather booties to replace the ballet boots which Domina Irene had previously selected. As divine as the slut looked, I needed to get ‘her’ down after her shave in order to swap rooms. You know me; I cannot help myself from wanting to try everything when a seemingly endless array of bondage equipment is available on the menu. 

Off we trotted, down to the second floor for more fun and games, sissy slave in bondage and still nicely filled. I'd spied a bench that I wanted to try out and it seemed the perfect location to bind this slave’s ass in preparation from some light whipping and a lot of humiliation. Domina Irene kindly supplied me with a quantity of her own, very best house champagne which she asked me to use however I saw fit to humiliate the slut. I soon decided that the nectar ought really to be sucked clean from a strap-on cock to gain the maximum effect in the feminine training of our slave. Finding a size that would nicely fill the sluts mouth, I proceeded to soak this cock, plunge it into the depths of her mouth and then repeatedly fill it with fresh elixir on every stroke. 

Sensing that this was such a hit, I located a suitable cloth which I could transform into a delicious gag. Scarfs are used for a myriad of reasons: for decoration, for warmth, or as a fashion accessory. But this one had a new destination: the slut’s eager and willing mouth. I added a small knot in the middle of the scarf and filled its very centre with the lovely amber liquid. By promptly fitting it into her welcoming mouth, I was able to give the slave a delicious taste of juices and keep her quiet, what more could I ask of her?

Of course I wouldn't want to deprive my tart of some real humiliation, so revealing her new 'man clit' had to be a priority.  All sluts, of course, need to be spread open and so I had just moved her onto the sling when Domina Irene suddenly joined us once again. Two dommes are better than one, providing double the pleasure and often magnifying the level of sadism that the slave needs to endure. It also, as we all know, can make the games so delightfully cruel and unpredictable. I decided straightaway that red lips, pink cheeks, eyebrows pencilled and applying foundation to help secure the beauty spot that I had drawn on the slut would add another dimension.  

Two mistresses staring at the slut created a ‘Eureka’ moment.  Why not drain all that horrid man juice and smear her face in it? After all she has to pay for retaining the last of the testosterone that still inhabits her flesh, does she not?  Naturally, the wonderful Hitachi was pulled out and applied. What slut can resist? I checked that Irene was happy for me to do the honours, and it gave me great delight to smear hot, wet, cum over her slutty mouth, cheeks and (my personal favourite trick) up the whores nose to make her smell her own excitement. How delicious. That, however, was not all... we still had more plans for the day...

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