Little Piggy

May 22, 2015

 My pathetic slaves are sometimes their own worst enemies (Well.. apart from me, of course, who is ALWAYS their worst nightmare come true!) But what is a Mistress supposed to do when a slave begs for "extreme bondage, so tight that even my toes cannot move..."? You guessed it... I gave him exactly what he asked for and a little more besides. In face, although a slave's wishes are normally of no consequence whatsoever to me, I have to confess that I quite enjoyed this particular wankstain's suggestion and was justly proud of the severe restrictions I layered upon him on the whipping bench in my Hanwell suspension room.

Tightened into a leather strait jacket he was placed face-down with his head supported on a leather sling and a pump-up gag requiring him to drool uncontrollably over himself and my floor. Then I used dozens of my strong, white canvas, Maxcita straight jacket straps to ensure that he was going nowhere fast... well nowhere fast, or slow, to be honest! He was instructed to bend his knees so that I could fit leather suspension cuffs around each foot and hoist them towards the ceiling in an interesting hogtie that not only rendered him utterly helpless but also exposed his cock - and particularly his bollocks - so that they were easily available for my sadistic attentions. I do so adore the sounds that my subbies make when my hands firmly grip their ball-sac and they realise that whatever discomfort they have felt up till then is as nothing compared with the trouble their disgusting balls are about to bring them.

In this case I fitted an electric humbler which squeezed his balls till his eyes watered and then administered a series of shock waves that had him quivering more and more as the session continued. Electric pads on inside of the top of his thighs, added to the effects of the electric butt-plug pumping inside his arse, whilst the large metal electro-clamp on his cock made that jump in time with the electrobox pulses as well. (The slave told me later that the combination of multiple points of electric stimulation meant that he felt as though every part of his feelble genitalia were being simultaneously nipped, squeezed, prodded, poked and stung: exactly the sort of treatment he deserves)

Of course the 'piece de resistance' was still to come with my promise that I would fulfill his desire that 'even his toes' could not move. I duly went to town on his feet, binding his big and little toes in elastic ropes that I stretched up to the main hoist and sideways to some of the fixing points around my suspension room hoist. Toe bondage is not something that any slave can endure for long and so I had to be careful not to cut off the circulation completely, but then your Mistress always has the best interests and health of even her lowliest subjects close to her heart and I wanted him to suffer for me and yet still be able to walk out of the dungeon when I decided to release him.

That left only the tricky question of whether or not his abject servitude had earned him the right to enjoy any sexual relief. I did get the wand out for a while and try wanking his worthless cock downwards... a little like one might squeeze milk out of a cow's udders... but I've never been an agricultural sort of girl and I soon tired of that game. I did detect some tears of frustration in his eyes when I told him to get dressed and leave... Oh well, there's always his next session for the opportunity to empty those teased and overfull balls. If he is VERY good I might let him try again to cum in a month or two's time.

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