Locked and Left: Multi Mayhem Birthday Bash

Feb 26, 2013

 Multi days are always massively exciting for me, give me a lot of male flesh and I just can’t help myself. Today was scheduled as a ‘locked and left day’ but as I predicted in my site, there was a lot less locking and leaving than I had envisaged. Multi-days are something that I schedule from time to time and many of my regulars testify that the 4ish hours that I play are an intense mix of bi fun, tease and denial but with a theme. A ‘locking and leaving’ day (and I do mean a whole day) from 1130am to 730 pm sounds mammoth but like all of my sessions I always feel that time is my worst enemy.

Kicking off with all my slaves on the first floor seemed like an ideal way to open proceedings. This way I could ensure that all bodies were rubberised, bound, filled , suffering and gagged at all times, with the additional benefit of having me in the room to ensure maximum suffering. Flitting from one trussed body to the next, I was spoilt for choice and like any kid with a Christmas box of goodies I wanted to play with everyone at once.

It would be utterly impossible for me to list what delights my subs suffered but needless to say I have to outline a few areas to at least give you a flavour. We had a ‘spank and guess the hand’ competition, would my trussed slave know the gloved hand of his mistress pitting against a volunteer? Can you believe that subbie in question thought that his mistress might cheat! How well he knows me as between you and me, the last guess that he got wrong (in suggesting that it was indeed my hands spanking the 3 slaps on his arse) was indeed a mix of both rubber slut assistant’s AND my hand, but don’t tell him I said so it would spoil the surprise.

We also had a ‘cum-petition’, first slave to cum wins time with his Mistress, failure gets locked in a cell in a body bag with electrics on the go. Fancy ‘red’ slut complaining that he was at a disadvantage, a little thing like a chastity device might hinder some, ‘Oh yee of little faith’ I teased, ‘try it you will find that things do work, even with a device in place’, and as predicted I WAS RIGHT.

There was a ‘house champagne’ tasting treat, through gagged mouths (despite the position). I also instructed and oversaw a ‘strap-on’ workout and cock gag fuck, all whilst I stood back and watched. Let’s just summarise by saying that pretty much all of my rubber hoods, gags, electrics, butt plugs, and ropes were used to the max. One subbie was subjected to multiple hogties and to say that I achieved a multi milking is an understatement. So, here I sit, 9pm at night wondering where the day went…..and when I can do it again of course.

Lastly, I want to thank all who attended, thank you for my wonderful gifts and most of all thank you for making my birthday truly a memorable one. Next year is the big 40…set aside a day for me guys, I’ll be back with a vengeance.

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