Love's Young Dream

Oct 10, 2014

Best laugh that Fetish Liza and I have had in ages: two male slaves in my double gag, strapped face to face, balls to balls, cock to cock and with arms tied in an intimate embrace while we girls used my powerful Magic Wand vibrator to arouse these normally hetero-sexual men into a forced-bi, frenzy of lust, Honestly, it was all Liza and I could do to tear our eyes away from this picture of love’s young dream to get on with the tortures and torments that needed to be dished out a’plenty at this week’s wonderful multi-day, strap-on party. Although I say so myself, Liza and I both looked stunning in our rubber fetish outfits: not that our slaves got too much chance to see us for a while because they were mostly hooded, gagged, collared and chained across my side-by-side whipping benches as we pounded a wide variety of strap-on cocks deep into their mouths and their arses.

It is not until we enjoy such a fun event, like this party, that I realise what a vast collection of strap-ons I have in my Hanwell chambers. We were enthusiastic to use as many as we possibly could and so sizes were going up and up and up as the afternoon progressed. All you could hear for a while was the concerto of moans and whimpers from slaves having their holes stretched and their throats fucked in spit-roasting heaven. All too soon, however, it was time to ring the changes and give their rears a (slight) rest while Liza and I dreamed up even more dastardly ways of making their lives a painful and sadistic misery.
As the time flew by, I looked around at one point, whilst I was nipple-whipping one slave, to see another kneeling in helpless bondage on the floor with an electric butt-plug turned up high and yet another slave rubberised on my bondage bench with Liza’s watersports dripping slowly into his mouth through a funnel gag tied into place between his lips. In fact, Liza’s own pure champagne proved to be a highly popular drink among my stable of subbies at the party. One lucky boy got an entire wine glass of some of her most concentrated piss to consume, with orders from me that every drop had to be drunk before he got on his knees to Ms Liza for her kindness and generosity.

Still perseverance and obedience do have their rewards in my dungeon and this same lucky slave was soon face-up on the bench enjoying a different kind of drink as Liza decided that she just HAD to have an orgasm or two after hours of busy sadism. My other slaves were left green with envy and frustration as Liza straddled the fortunate wretch and sat her latex-covered rear on his face while she used one of my vibrators to give herself the relief she obviously needed. That was when it all got a bit wet, as liza pulled her pants to one side and squirted a stream of pussy juice into his mouth and over his face and his hair. He was spluttering with pleasure, but Liza was not ready to let him off so lightly. The addition of a cock gag gave her something special to ride to yet another climax and she finished off with a third soaking actually standing up on the bench and splattering him from height. I do envy her that amazing ability to cum so rapidly, standing up and squirting for England.
I just had to take pity on my other, frustrated and bound, party-goers and so I got busy with another wand to milk them all into a final exhausted happy ending. What a kind and thoughtful Mistress I am! Now what to do with these disgusting, man-filth-full condoms? Oh Yes… the slave with Liza’s juices all over his face was still on the bench, lying as ordered with his mouth open, awaiting yet another drink. It would have been a shame to disappoint the poor, thirsty man… wouldn’t it?

All in all, the afternoon proved to be one of the most memorable of Hanwell’s many multi-day events. I hope you enjoyed it if you were one of the lucky attendees? And I hope to see others who couldn’t make it this time, at my next multi-day in early November. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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