Machine Mayhem

Jul 31, 2015

 Sometimes your busy Mistress needs to sit back and relax a little and let all of my fabulous wanking, milking, arse-fucking and electrics machines do the work on keeping my needy subbies properly tormented, drained and eternally grateful for being allowed to serve me in my Hanwell premises. Such was the case this week when a busy day culminated in the need to milk one of my more desperate slaves whose sexual frustration had reached such a fever pitch that he was failing to properly concentrate on the chores his Mistress had set for him.

Securing him the medical bench with medication mask in place to control his breathing, I duly attached electric pads to his upper thighs and scrotum and made sure that the current was delivering just the correct level of discomfort before adding an electro-tube to his cock and setting the Serious Kit milking machine sucking away in a steady and frustrating rhythm of ceaseless masturbation. I could see from the size of his testicles that he badly needed to empty his man-filth, but I was determined that this would happen ONLY when, or if, I decided he had suffered enough to earn the right to an orgasm. My only regret is that I failed to measure the girth and weight of his scrotal sac beforehand to see if there was any scientific correlation between the fullness of his bollocks and the time it took for a climax to be sucked from his body. That’s an omission I plan to rectify on his next visit.

After an hour or so of intense masturbation his groans of pleasure and desperation were beginning to drown out the soundtrack from the porn films I was letting him view on the medical room’s wall-mounted television set. It was time for a selection of gags to see which silenced him the most effectively. Then I added the fucking machine into the mix, setting one of the bigger dildo attachments pumping away in the arsehole with regular injections of lube direct into his rectum to ease its passage as the speed slowly increased.

The final move was to turn up all of the electrics to the point where he felt that his cock and balls were being squeezed and manipulated by a dozen hands at once and replace the slow and steady milking machine with the more intense suction from my Venus wanker with its electric tube securely tied in place on his cock. The increasingly active jerking of his hips and thighs together with the incoherent moans and mumbles from behind his rubber gag soon told me that he was not going to be able to hold back his climax for much longer. But it had been a long and tiring day, and I certainly was not going to expend my precious energy on hand-wanking him or using my powerful Magic Wand vibrator. Instead I turned up the power on the electrics, sped up the fucking machine in his rear, tweaked the dial on the Venus to maximum speed and suction… and sat back to watch him writhe and wriggle to a machine-induced and irresistible climax. The temptation after he had spurted his load was just to leave the machines on full-speed and walk out of the room to hear him suffering for another hour ow two but I was in a kind mood and it was late and so I released him instead. Next time… I may not be so merciful!

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