Maids a’Milking

Sep 24, 2012

We all yearn sometimes for a return to the simpler rural life of years gone by, and I often find myself musing on how I might, in another life, have been a farmer’s daughter or a country milkmaid, rather than having fun as a dominatrix.  Such musings have been prompted by the success at Hanwell Towers of my new milking machine, which can effortlessly and comfortably wank my lucky slaves for hours as they lay, encased in tight bondage, on my medical bench.  This highly-polished, stainless steel wonder would not be out of place in a farm milking parlour, as it sucks and pumps away to bring a smile to even my most tormented slaves. It’s been in place for some weeks now and all of the earlier teething troubles have been ironed out so that it now offers a unique wanking experience for all.

Unlike your own right hand, or even my skilled fingers, the magic milker never gets tired, and never varies its pace unless I decide to speed things up or slow things down. The level of suction and tightness of the grip are infinitely variable to bring pleasure. It looks good, feels good and does you good as it slides, wetly, up and down on your cock. I have an endless supply of lube ready to pour into the milking machine’s reservoir which means that if I choose I can keep you in teasing torment for as long as I wish: hours, or even days, being wanked if that is the treatment that I decide you need. One of the delights of the system is that it copes perfectly with your need to piss once in a while. No need to stop or even disconnect you from the machine because it can flush away your waste water whilst maintaining its steady, pumpety-pumpety-pump motion. Even spunking does not guarantee that your treatment will stop: your sperm is simply sucked out down the tube and the game can continue without end.

One lucky slave has also already discovered that it is not only lube that can be dribbled into the tubes to slosh around your cock and balls. My infinitely available stream of watersports can also be fed into the machine. Imagine the wonder of being wanked to completion while immersed in a pool of my fragrant, warm, house champagne.  The real beauty of the machine is that it is totally hands-free, meaning that I can let it carry on its work whilst I concentrate on bring pain or pleasure to other parts of your body at the same time.  Some slaves have enjoyed the wanking sensation continuing as I sit by their side whispering my filthy little stories into their ear.

The only feature that I have not yet tested is the milker’s ability to wank several clients simultaneously. Now, this facility has always been manually available at the Hanwell Clinic: I do after all have two hands that are quite capable of simultaneously bringing pleasure to two slaves at once. But even I cannot compete with a machine that can wank four men at the same time, bringing the same relentless, up and down sucking movement to each of their cocks. Perhaps I should think of a multi-day and a wanking competition? With four slaves  arranged side-by-side, like cattle in a milking parlour, we could see who could hold out the longest, or spunk the fastest, once they are all hooked up to the milker’s incessant rhythm. Isn’t modern technology wonderful!

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