Maitresse Francoise

May 1, 2012

Its a wonderful thing to be recommended by some scene players, especially when my recommendation was to a French Dominant and her slut slave by two different people. Of course Im always looking to meet new and interesting people and a visiting domina with over 25 years experience in the field was a treat and a half. Mistress Francoise visits London from time to time on shopping and holidays, but on this occasions she was travelling with a French cock sucking slut who needed a taste of Hanwell Manors deviant delights,

Mistress Françoise’s English is impeccable, her slave knew very little. However, the language of dominance transcends the translation barrier. Shortly after entering the premises, the cock slut learned what it was like to be bound in an English Chamber. I knew that this little slut would understand the training with a ‘hands on’ approach. Soon enough, strap-ons were being rammed  down his throat, with the intention to prove that he was good enough to sample the real thing. Oh yes, I had a rubber slut (the one who id used at the party earlier and not given permission to leave) on standby, who to say was bursting at the seams was an understatement.

After a good oral stretching in bondage, the cock slut was strapped to the table, tormented with the massager and low and behold, was drained and fed like an obedient doggy. What you may ask, of the party guest?? His day consisted of being a ‘cum slut’ by day, a domestic maid servant by afternoon, a cock slut by early evening, a Viagra filled porn watching (porn appropriate of course) captive till night and finally, for his penance, a ‘spunk in his pants’ perv by closing up time.

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