Male Multi Tasking: The Experiment.

Sep 3, 2012

This is a subject that I’m particularly interested in and as such I’m conducting my own ad hoc experiments to see if indeed the male species can multi task effectively. I found myself with a couple of owned slaves for the days disposal and just like any other day, I can’t help setting them urgent tasks that have to be completed. Sometimes it can be menial, turning and drying the rubber, putting away the equipment, mopping the floors etc. Of course my coffee has to be made to perfection. Food has to be served to the standard that i expect and when all of these tasks are done, i look to my more perverted side to entertain.

Starting in the medical room with one slave strapped in place, i decided to continually remind the trussed object that he is here for my pleasure and amusement and as such to stay in my stable he will need to prove himself. This paves the way for slave no 2, ordered to the suspension room to prepare himself, getting naked and making his cock as hard as possible without cuming. Once I feel my subject is suitably submissive I lead him into the aforesaid room to kneel before slave 2. I decide to get the adrenaline going somewhat and bring out some plastic bags; just big enough to fit over their heads if needed....surely Mistress wouldn’t do anything such as this?

Id often wondered, just like rubbing your tummy and patting your head, can a slave manage 2 separate things at the same time. I started ordering my kneeling slave 1 to lick the balls of slave 2 whilst masturbating himself at the same time. Failure after failure ensued, managing one and not the other. Is it really that difficult? I thought. Maybe it’s the position, perhaps swapping around will make life a little simpler.

Over to the whipping bench we go, slave no 2 strapped with his ass up proud, slave no 1 sat behind. Again, the continual testing proves a failure. Slave 1 cannot lick slaves 2 ass whilst wanking himself. In fact, he is unable to manage to wank himself whilst wanking the other slave at the same time!!

Last Chance, Position 3 has Slave 2 stood with arms overhead. Can Slave 1 lick his nipples, armpits and mouth whilst his hands are busy on both of their cocks? Surely after all the reprimanding there will be some recompense? Alas NO!! Still failure. The only way forward is to strap the wretched slave on the floor at the feet of slave 2. A rubber straight jacket and mouth spreader have been fitted to Slave 1, can you guess what will happen if I fit a powerful magic wand vibrator to my standing slaves cock??? I think this is fitting punishment....this time.

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