Manic Thursday

May 23, 2011

Wow what a varied but enjoyable day last Thursday (19th). I had two long sessions, one of 4 hours and one of 3.5, both were very different. The first session involved some serious rope and leather bondage, rubber encasement and hood, gags, electrics plus suspension. It's surprising how fast 4 hours actually goes, no sooner was my slave covered, wrapped and plugged with a huge electric plug, than we were hogtieing him and impaling him on my vertical impaler, swapping the electric butt plug for a serious ramming with a huge flesh coloured dildo. Just like a toy, I could wind the overhead winch and rotate his sorry ass on the toy and leave him spinning over and over. Not content with that, I added a bar to keep his legs apart, ropes to the feet and ankles before going in for round two. The session was topped off in the medical room for a powerful intense finale.

My next session centered around heavy leather bondage and slave training and boy did we get through some straps. Most visitors to my upstairs dungeon will have seen the multitude of leather bondage and slave suits that I have, but as they are usually kept on display and not often used (these items I have had for a very long time and just like a kid with new presents, I like to play with the newest first and ignore the oldest) , not that there is anything wrong with any of the older straps, but, unless you are reasonably flexible you will not feel the full benefit of them surrounding your body and forcing your arms back. Luckily my leather slave was slender and he got to experience every inch of his frame strapped, not forgetting his cock as well. The hours flew by, we covered some suspension, boot training and finally some orgasm denial with my magic wand....don't worry he earned something nice to finish on!

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