Marriage Maid in Heaven

Sep 18, 2012

A very special treat for two of my regular slaves this week: one because it was his birthday and he has served me well for the past year, the other because he is one of my very few privileged, owned and collared creatures that spends every waking moment craving to serve, love and adore me.  Each of this submissive twosome got something they deeply desired, although, of course, each also had to pay the price in pain and discomfort to earn their reward. It turned into a fun day for all concerned, but most especially for me. 

The day started with my collared slave's regular duties of cleaning, cooking and looking after my every need, ensuring that every inch of my dungeon is spick and span, that my session uniforms are properly laid out and ready, and that my vast collection of equipment is cleaned to perfection. I could tell by the meticulous way he cleaned the medical room floor on his hands and knees that my slave was particularly desperate to please me, probably because he had been kept in chastity for the past week or more in preparation for an upcoming, all-day session of torture and torment that we both know will test him to the limit.

My second collared slave was with me for several hours and took all my restrictive fun and games so well that I decided then and there to let him have a little reward. Strapping him upright inside my isolation box, he was helpless to resist when I told him that my little TV maid, Barbara, was going to join us to tease and titillate his cock and balls, while I worked my fingers deep into his rear. He had the delights of having his cock licked, stroked and sucked for an hour in various positions before I decided to let him have his wicked way with little blonde Barbara. I have been considering renting her out by the hour for her arse and mouth to be fucked, and so this was a good test as to how well she might perform as my clients' oral and anal whore. 

Dressed in her pretty little pink blouse and mini-skirt, pink panties, stockings and suspenders, she looked suitably appealing when I strapped her down, bottom in the air, across my whipping bench.  Standing behind her, my birthday boy was given full rein to fuck her arse as violently as he liked. I must say he did perform vigorously, drawing forth more and more whimpers of pain and despair as he pounded, over and over again, into her well-lubricated hole. There was spunk, lube, sweat and Barbara's tears flowing everywhere as I encouraged his performance with a little finger work of my own in his pumping rear.  At one point they were getting on so well that my lusty slave wanted me to rent her  from me for a weekend's 'marriage' to use and abuse her as much as he wanted. Honestly, I could have watched the show all day, but all too soon he climaxed and it was time to have Barbara suck him clean of her own arse-juices before whipping him away to the medical room for a final milking. 

I left Barbara looking a little disheveled and very well used, instructing her to clean up both herself and the rather messy floor before resuming her regular household duties. And then, an odd thing happened: I pride myself on the fact that "pity doesn't live in my dungeon," but my maid looked so ashamed of herself and so vulnerable that I decided to break my own rules. Call me a softie if you will, but I gave her a quick wank and de-spunked her after all her days and nights of not cumming. Her tears of joy were almost as satisfying as her tears of pain when she was being fucked. I hope I haven't spoiled the girl; let's hope she understands that such kindness is unlikely to be repeated.

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