Maxcita to the Max

Jul 7, 2014

My new white Maxcita canvas strait jackets and body bags are proving a great hit in my suspension room where some lucky subbies have spent hours wrapped and strung-up from the ceiling in total restrictive bondage. The beauty of these ‘institutional-style’ canvas wraps is that they not only look sexy and exciting but they also hold you safely in strict and unyielding immobility for as long as I might choose, without the usual problems of numbness or cramp that require frequent changes of position to overcome. This means that your Mistress has plenty of time to arrange some of her other devices and toys to play with you: for hours and hours, over and over again, if I so desire.

One fortunate subbie found himself in just such a position this week when I used a Maxcita ‘transportation’ jacket and heavy canvas hood to wrap him up and suspend him in front of my new purple room, floor-to-ceiling mirror. The cleverly designed jacket immobilised his upper body without hope of escape and let me hoist him almost, but not quite, off his feet so that I could keep his legs wide apart with one of my metal spreader bars. He could see a little through the eyeholes in his hood and could breathe through the mouth slit which I kindly left unzipped for the moment. His whole body below the waist was then naked, vulnerable and exposed for my own perverted attentions. I knew that because the Maxcita range is ‘relatively’ comfortable, I could take my time to bring him some new and exciting sensations for his frustrated nether regions.

Naturally, the first requirement was to get my slave’s rear suitable filled and pumped. I did consider fitting a large electrified butt plug but then discarded that idea in favour of a more mechanical solution from my fucking machine. As he was suspended vertically from my electric hoist, I removed the fucking machine from its normal stand and simply stood it upright beneath him so that his arsehole could be impaled on a suitable-sized (large) dildo. Once I switched the machine on and adjusted the speed and depth of the stroke, I could tell from his grunts and gasps that his rear was being well and truly shafted. Leaving him for a while to get used to the rubber cock now thrusting deep into his bottom, I took my time in arranging a heavy metal stand in front of his body to hold the next stage of his frustration torture.

This took the shape of my Venus wanking machine with its silicon tube suctioned around his cock and tied in place so that I could control the speed and power of all the sensations he was feeling. I picked a speed that sort of matched the rate at which his arse was being fucked and sat back to watch the fun. My poor sub was not really in a position to explain how he was feeling but I could tell from his inarticulate little moans that the continuing and powerful discomfort in his rear was being suitably compensated for by the sucking pleasure of the machine on his front. Pain and pleasure from his Mistress without her having to exert herself in any way other than occasionally adjusting the speed of his torment and adding a drop of extra lube here or there: you see what a kind Mistress I am?

All too soon, however, it was time to move subbie into my new and excitingly equipped medical suite. As well as looking great, the great advantage of my new room is that I can now get all around my slaves' bodies so that a restrained and blindfolded 'patient' never quite knows from which direction his next treatment is going to come. In this case, his medical care didn't take long once I had him on the rebreathing machine and properly positioned for his final cure. Obviously the earlier preparation of front and rear machines working in tandem had taken my sub to the limit. All too easy then for my Magic Wand vibrator to apply the final touches and send him over the edge into Hanwell's own medical heaven. Another successful day for Nurse Despair.

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