Medical Cherry

Jan 28, 2015

It's so much fun introducing slaves to new experiences, 'popping their cherry,' so to speak - especially when it's in my new, superbly equipped medical suite at my Hanwell Clinic for the Sexually Perverted. One slave had his head spinning in the clinic this week when I popped his cherry on so many different medical fronts that he didn't know whether he was cumming or going by the end of the session. Naturally, as it was this subbies first time strapped tightly down onto the medical bench, I took my time and introduced his painful and distressing treatments as gently and sympathetically as I could. Oooops NO, that is a little bit of a Mistress's fib, because truth is that I launched straight into sliding needles into his balls to cause as much discomfort as I could in the quickest possible time. Well, there is not point in messing about when these treatments HAVE to be done, is there? I did try to make it easier for the poor wretch, but he proved to be his own worst enemy. I simply asked him to keep count of the number of needles entering his scrotal sac but he failed miserably so that his tally didn't match what I was sure was the correct answer. Well, to be honest once again, I didn't know the answer myself - but I might have done! And there was no way that any slave was ever going to win an argument with me on my home turf in the clinic, is there? It all proved to be a bit irrelevant in the end, because I decided, on a whim, to prick his prick with more needles anyway. I was also delighted to discover that my patient had never had his arse electrified, let along his testicles, cock and nipples: obviously Nurse Despair just had to put that ommission right with a good heavy dose of electrical stimulation in double quick time. Judging by his lively reaction as the electrics started to bite, I would say he enjoyed the experience, almost as much as I did. I think the session was enhanced by his regular and strict breath-control exercises, and by the fact that I had forced him to cross-dress and become a slut for all of my therapies. He wasn't remotely against any of the games I introduced... but he played his part well in pretending to resist, which turned it all into a fun session with lots of laughs... especially the many laughs from me at his expense. It was a joyful afternoon all round, leaving my slave already desperate for his next appointment with his naughty nurse at the Hanwell Clinic. Bookmark and Share
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