Medical Room fun with my new Penile Nurse

Jul 13, 2015

Such a fun medical session today as my new penile nurse joined me in the Hanwell clinic to help control one of my most challenging patients who needs the highest possible levels of bondage to prevent him trying to behave in a most inappropriate manner with the nurses who are just trying to help him control his intense sexual urges. From the moment this patient arrived at the clinic door, we had him restrained in tight rubber bondage because I know how slippery a character he can be and that it is essential we allow him not the slightest chance of escape. In my upstairs dungeon I soon had him fitted out with hoods and a collar and a gag along with enough straps to ensure that he was going nowhere until his lengthy treatment was over.

With my junior nurse and I both dressed in black stockings peeping out from under our smartest, crisp white nurses' uniforms we quickly taught him who was in charge by inflicting a little necessary pain and control in, my upstairs dungeon. Obviously, however, it was essential to get this pervert strapped up on the medical bench in my sparkling new clinic where every possible type of medication can be employed to maintain him at the level of submissive docility that I prefer for all of our patients.
What followed was hour after hour of intensive medical therapy in which my penile nurse and I applied treatment after treatment to his most sensitive places whilst ensuring that he never lost control and spurted prematurely. We wanted this patient to suffer the most powerful teasing and denial to help him regain control of his mental faculties at the earliest possible stage. I must admit there were times in the afternoon when I thought that Nurse Katie's skilled oral administration of frustration therapy was going to tip this guy over the edge. But at crucial moments I donned my 'Nurse Despair' personna and intervened to ensure that our game lasted to the very limit of his endurance.

Naturally all good things must come to an end and many hours later when he was clearly suffering greatly from the frustration of my fellow medical practitioner's kinky oral attentions, we thought about taking pity on his plight (not something that Nurse Despair does very often, I hasten to add) and decided that a Magic Wand vibrator combined with more heavy medication doses would finally tip him over the edge and offer some relief. I was still not convinced that he shouldn't just be left with his balls filled to overflowing but out of professional curiosity my penile nurse wanted to see him spurt a man-filth sample into his condom: which of us won that debate, I wonder? 

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