Meeting The Boss

Aug 3, 2013

Arriving in Pittsburgh was a truly surreal experience for me because I've long been a fan of my fellow dominatrix, Irene Boss and have always admired her style. Meeting her partner at the airport, I immediately felt at ease and what's more the fact that on arrival Irene had laid on some of my most favourite things: fresh coffee and coconut milk, chicken broccoli and lentils (all piping hot and ready to be devoured) made me realise that this was going to be a highly enjoyable shoot.

Irene's compound is truly impressive, even more so when you consider the inconspicuous nature of the outdoor building. Once inside it is very easy to loose oneself in the labyrinth of corridors and secret passageways. As the building was build in 1902 there is a great deal of history to complement the very modern activities that happen here. Naturally, my enthusiasm for bondage and play was awoken with a vigour when Irene took me on a magical mystery of her rooms. Wow! This woman has an impressive play space, I thought to myself. There are multiple levels with each room having a separate theme. There are two medical rooms in close proximity to each other, TV dressing areas, a retro library and spanking frame in the parlour, bondage tables, crosses, devices spread across three separate and highly individual rooms.

The Mistress's chamber, for visiting mistresses, has its own en suite and a delightful 4-poster bed on which I will definitely be having some fun because I have my partner in tow on this trip. Slaves, of course, have their own entrance and judging by the amount of cuffs and restraints displayed upon their entry, they are under no illusions to where they belong from the moment they arrive.

Waking up in a 4 poster bed in the compound, Yours Truly felt completely rested and ready to take the Pittsburgh lesser males, literally, by the balls. It was a gloriously hot morning, which didn't stop me from donning my hot, hot, hot, rubber wear in preparation for the day ahead. First on the agenda, take a few stills for my twitter nuts who are always complaining about the lack of 'me' images. I've decided to take this comment on the chin and stop posting images of slaves in session and concentrate on getting in front of the camera myself.

So, images up and creative juices in full flow, next on the agenda was another costume change and taking some more professional images of myself in, yes you guessed it, the medical room. As you all know, I just can't help but be attracted to all that is nurse-related and some of these images will soon be placed on Irene's site.

After another change (you know I'm always after a change of look) my first slave arrived. Reading his introductory letter it appeared that he was very experienced but I wondered if he had ever felt the full force of a home-grown UK domme? 'No,' was the answer although he was about to discover what I was all about.

Naturally, not knowing Irene's dungeon as well as my own, I'd taken a few well planned moments to collect and collate my ideas for how to start the scene. I do, after all, so hate to have to look around and not be able to find things immediately. As soon as he arrived, my new USA slave was ordered to strip and his clothes were placed in a lockable box. I was determined to place him in the correct headspace from the outset and so I immediately ordered him down to the floor to nicely worship my boots. You know me: your Mistress is all about having fun and so I was soon suggesting that my new USA sub's clothes were about to be taken away and replaced by something all together more feminine. It was a wonderful way to this particular Mr subbie.

Checking out his nipples, balls, ass and cock soon gave me an indication of his sensitivity levels and so it wasn't long before he was ushered upstairs to see what I had planned. Irene has a wonderful bespoke bondage chair that had caught my eye, and I knew that i would just have to give it a whirl. Naturally, a slave in shrink wrap is better than a free slave and so I had to set about binding him up with layers of shrink wrap, bondage mittens, bondage booties, hoods, clamps, ball ties and collars which all took their toll on the poor suffering dear. No slave in my presence is ever going to be let off the hook for too long and so I was soon riffling through the bondage paraphernalia for a suitable straight jacket to lay my slave immovably in place.

The long couch seemed like an excellent location to continue adding the bondage that I knew he and I both adore. You might think that I went almost over the top with straps, ropes and ties securing his legs, knees, arms, and head. Even his balls were tied in four different directions and, as a finishing touch, I applied a wicked, spiked, cock sheath that threatened to impale his cock with heavy metal spikes were he to allow himself any sort of erection. How terrible would it then have been for a Mistress to then pick up a magic wand to stimulate the hell out of his cock. Surely I would never be that evil... would I?

Alas time waits for no domme, and before I knew it our session was drawing to a close. I did, however, have one more position up my sleeve that I was determined to enforce upon this hapless slave. He had made the foolish mistake of letting me know that he hadn't cum in a week and was feeling desperate and frustrated. I knew that my magic Wand vibrator would therefore work wonders for him IF I left it on for long enough. However, I wanted to add in something of a challenge and so I warned the slave that he was working on a strict countdown from ten if he wanted an orgasm that day. Ten... nine... eight... the countdown continued as I applied some pleasure and counted out the numbers: would he make it on time? Hmmm... I wonder.


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