Menu of Perversion

Aug 28, 2013

When a previously overweight slave has gone to drastic (non-surgical) measures to lose a great deal of weight (and keep it off) this hard work has to be commended. Therefore, it seems only fitting that I should have create a sessions involving a complete cordon blu menu of depravity. Numerous courses were listed on my hand written menu, all of which needed ticking off to fully satisfy me and my slave. I couldn’t have served up this diet of abundance without the delicious additional pair of hands of young Sherry, who has been taking a keen interest in proceedings of late. What’s more, because sherry will be using my dungeon in my absence she is keen to be on the other end of applying as much stimulation as possible - as well as indulging her obvious passion for mercilessly teasing the male species.

Looking at my slave subject of the day and his endeavours not to fill his face with food, I couldn’t help but decide that his treatment at my hands would require the total filling and engorgement of every one of his orifices. After fitting him with both anal and urethra electro-stim, what could be better than filling the sub’s mouth with a wonderful cock gag and taping cocks to each of his hands. If he was wondering why his anatomy had suddenly been decorated with so many hard cocks, he did not have long to wait for the answer: I blindfolded him and then started to tease him that there would be another pair of hands arriving in the dungeon soon to enjoy all this equipment, although I gave him no clue as to whether this might had male or female, nor whether the extra body would be submissive or another dome. What a wicked Mistress I am? It was such fun to hand over the trussed, plugged, gagged and electrified male to the charms of Miss Sherry for half of the playtime in order that she could indulge her every whim, her every pleasure and test out his senses in every sense of the word.

So here I sit writing this account of the proceedings and listening to the various noises emanating from both sherry and the slave next door. I am looking forward to my re-emergence into the scene for the last part of the session to continue where the delightful, switchable Sherry has left off. Perhaps a spot of joint bondage is now required for them both? Now where is that double gag I brought back with me from San Francisco? I have a feeling it would look wonderful when strapped between both male and female forms, trapping them in the closest and most inescapable – yet non-touching kiss. Goodness Me… I can hardly wait.

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