Merry Christmas To You All..

Dec 25, 2012

Well I hope you have all had a relaxing Christmas Day, filled with all the naughty things in life (I know I have) and let me tell you I'm defiantly hitting the gym hard in January, but until them it's over indulgence all the way. Why you might ask am I telling you this? usually I'm pretty good at the training and fairly ok with my diet as I'm in the camera enough to notice when I don't adhere to my rules. I'm hoping then that the photo shoot I've got planned whilst I'm in Cyprus offers some ok images for the members site and doesn't show off the Christmas waist spread that I'm working on acquiring. The good news is that I've brought a corset and some rubber wear with me, all I need to do is brave the weather. Actually, it's pretty nice during the day and a tad chilly at night but nowhere near as cold as the other week when I was cavorting in the woods in minus temps. Here will be a lot nicer, that is if I find a suitable place. My plan is to go up into the mountains as there is snow, probably not the best location to frolic in fetish wear! I can't promise to deliver the goods, but the intention is there, the camera is packed, it will be all systems go.....when I can be bothered to move after my Christmas Stuffing.

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