Mar 21, 2011

Friday was a very unique day at my Hanwell chambers and one that took a lot of co-ordination. One of my loyal slaves had expressed a desire to be tattooed as a mark of his devotion to me. Of course this is a serious commitment and one I would only take on board (bestowing my initials) to someone who has proved themselves. A tattoo is for life and, yes, he will have my word of choice "owned" across the entire width of his back with 6 inch letters, plus "by mm" in small accompanying script. I know what many of u are thinking, wow that is a full on mark of servitude: but, once you devote your life to a Mistress there is no going back.

As all Mistresses, we have our slaves who like to 'rove' but also there is always a collective of 'collared' slaves, who have been so completely smitten that they will do anything to please and prove their utter submission, showing that their life is now in another’s hands. During my time as a Domme, I've seen a number of subs who have had small initials, or a symbolic whip drawn discretely but as my slave had never had a tattoo before, it had to be big, it had to be bold and one thing it is not and that is discrete!

So, to my slave who is out there getting a bad nights sleep, enjoy, you reap what you sow and ill see you soon for some more brainwashing to roll you into a complete 'Mirandite'

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