Mirandites Supreme Court of Injustice

Jan 22, 2012

Its a tad worrying when one of my stable do not report for the obligatory training. Usually I insist on approx. 10 visits a year minimum from my diehard followers to keep up standards, maintain discipline and of course for me to maintain overall  control of there sexual urges. So, when I received a call from ‘Seaman Stains’ , his immediate court martial followed, due to over 90 days of absence.  Sometimes I do believe I have a 6th sense as he had popped into my mind the night before the phone call was made, wondering where he was (obviously my invisible pull  on him made him pick up the telephone). His charge sheet read as follows:

Courts-Martial Division

Presiding Judge-Advocate: Her Excellency the Queen of Tweak

In the Matter of State v Seaman Stains) 

Be it Known to all Mirandites that ‘Seaman Stains’ is charged with contravening the following Articles of the Queen Dom of Miranda’s 51st State Military Penal Code:

Article 1 - Being AWOL for an extended period amounting to desertion and thereby not making his body and mind available for frequent “treatment” as required of a true Mirandite.

Article 2 - Consorting with the enemy in that he did visit and serve establishments outside the Queen Dom of Miranda`s 51st State.

Article 3 – Together with the nefarious villain, Private Parts, he did “put it about a bit” enjoying carnal pleasures in the fleshpots of neighbouring kingdoms.

Article 4 – He did leech after the body of the Queen of Miranda`s 51st State indulging in diverse erotic sexual fantasises, as any red-blooded man might.

Article 5 – Over the Christmas period did eat and drink to excess thereby breaching Queen Doms military Keep-Fit Code.

At a Preliminary Hearing of these Charges Private Seaman Stains pleaded NOT GUILTY on all counts. Incredulous at this response, and  knowing past record, the Examining Magistrate ordered him to be handed over to the Mirandite Thought Police for them to establish THE TRUTH using such interrogation techniques as they saw fit.

As you can imagine, a spell in the Cell Block M, a through soaking in all its forms, whipping, electrical treatment , prostrate training and more were ideal to teach this wayward soul the way back to the right path. Ill be expecting further visits to ensure his military record stands clear from now on.

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