Jun 6, 2013

I just can’t seem to get enough of slave girl flesh at the moment the newest serving member of my stable to join my devotees had proved to be a bit of a handful. Chloe Lovette, had been misbehaving, she had taken a position as ‘Slave in Training’ at the esteemed ‘Hanwell Corrective Facility’ and low and behold, the little strumpet had been cavorting behind my back. Worse still, Id located the evidence on the social networking sites. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her in all her glory, showing and using her charms without permission. Naturally matters had to be dealt with accordingly.

Chloe was dragged into the dungeon by her hair, thrown on the floor and immediately collared; after all she needs to know her place around me, does she not? Chloe’s nipples were my first port of call, accepting increasing levels of punishment and torment. Whimpering (naturally I showed her no mercy) Chloe was swiftly dragged to the bondage table where her pert bottom was promptly reddened. There is nothing more erotic to see that a rear (male or female for that matter) get rigorously painted with hand prints, especially as the fan across like an intricate pattern of patchwork, demonstrating my ‘slate wiped clean’ correction methods.

Using rope seemed the only way forth to introduce an element of bondage and restriction that could captivate and torment, does she not understand that ‘The Bondage Mistress’ indeed lives up to her name?? it wasn’t long before an anal hook and a hogtie complimented the arrangement. Naturally I’m unable to continue the tale of events, see my club site for more erotic adventures with Chloe.

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