Mistress Esme and the Rebel

Apr 7, 2012

Mistress Esme is a beautiful black Domme with wicked sense of play that put both my regular and new slave through their paces. As you know I like to film with different Mistresses and slaves to add a unique variety and mix to the scene and sometimes this unknown quality brings rewards. I'd had an application from a very eager but inexperienced slave who wanted to film with me and of course, I consider all applications. What better way than to humiliate and train this latest slut by dressing and making him up as a male maid. Little did we know he would become so passionate and self confident in his new attire that suddenly he began suggesting that he looked better than us!!!! Such cheek, (I'm sure he was baiting us and sometimes I'm in the mood for a cheeky slave but this wasn't the day???) Mistress Esme began smothering his face with her beautiful body, which brought even more rudeness from the rebel red slut. Lesson time, string the slut up, frustrate him and leave him to stew!!!!

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