Mistress Morgan and Prince Albert

Feb 13, 2014

Two delightful experiences in one session this week as I got to adorn a slave’s cock with a full and permanent ‘Prince Albert’ piercing and then had a rare opportunity to get my caning arm in full swing with some heavy CP. The last time I had seen this particular slave was some years ago, since when he has been living abroad with no opportunity at all to visit me. Even since his return home he has been living a considerable distance away from my Hanwell chambers and so I was pleased that I had obviously made such an impression on him that he had finally made the epic journey to return to my side.

He was not alone. His session was to be not only with me but also with his now-Premier Mistress, the delightful and stunning Mistress Morgan. I liked her the moment we met and, as our joint session developed, it became clear that we had really hit it off together. She is creative, skilful and deliciously kinky and so it was a true meeting of likeminded souls. The main reason he was visiting this time was to be fitted with a new Prince Albert piercing, a procedure I had carried out for him once before but which he now wanted to be restored to a permanent place in his life. Mistress Morgan is expecting him to wear a Steelworxx metal chastity device which for the fullest security needs to be locked to a piercing through the end of a slave’s cock. I was delighted to oblige them both because there is nothing like having a permanent reminder that you are owned attached to your body. On top of that, meeting other mistresses is always fun because we can bounce ideas of each other and slaves always ‘goes the extra mile’ when they are suffering for two powerful women. They are so desperate to please both mistresses – which proved to be the case on this particular day.

The session started with the real treat of some heavy CP and I’m delighted to report that my RSI problem I had with my shoulder after years of caning slaves has now completely subsided. Being a caring Mistress, I did of course begin with a few warm-up strokes from the paddle – but I have to confess I was eager to get my hands on the cane to start delivering the full-force strokes that were required. When we judged that our slave’s arse had (for the moment) had enough, Mistress Morgan and I progressed on to some double slut training as we spit-roasted the wretch with huge strap-on cock simultaneously penetrating his mouth and his rear. I do adore those moments when a slave is moaning because of the dildo plunging into his rear, but it all comes out a bit muffled because of the second cock in his throat. Such fun. But why should Mistresses do all the work when we have machines to help us? My mechanical fucking machine was soon in full swing in his rear. Add in the fact that he was clearly fascinated by the electric shock humbler clamped around his bollocks and the party was well underway.

All too soon, however, it was time to move onto the medical room to introduce him to the delight of electrified needles through his nipples This slave had also not been fisted for many years and the person who originally broke that barrier did have tiny hands – so it was essential, I felt, to pop his cherry once again with some deep fisting from both me and his own Mistress. I felt that he was truly shocked by the idea that we might both be able to get our fists fully into his stretched hole but he eventually took the treatment with my problems because of the steady build-up that had preceded the experiment.
The slave’s planned session was all too soon drawing to a close but Mistress Morgan and I were having such fun that we decided to extend it to give us time for a grand CP finale. Although I never break any of my slave’s confidence, it is not giving away anything to say that this slave and I share a little secret involving the number Eight. For that reason I suggested to my fellow domme that we give him 8 x 8 strokes between us – a grand total of 64 of the best and hardest cane strokes we could produce. I must say how impressed I was that he took his punishment so well: especially since both I and Mistress Morgan put heart, soul and a lot of muscle-power into every one of the 64 strokes we laid on that day. He left with a smile on his face, a piercing through his cock-head and a fiery glow to his arse. Job done.

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