Mistress Simone

Aug 15, 2014

 Well they call Chicago 'The Windy City' and boy am I glad that the wind blew Mistress Simone, the infamous Chicago dominatrix to my corner of the globe this month. I don't think the inhabitants of my Hanwell Clinic for the Sexually Challenged quite knew what was in store for them when this bubbly, feisty lady arrived, all rubbered-up and ready to play: or so the look on my sub's face appeared to say. Having been drafted in to serve us both at short notice due to a last minute cancellation by another wretched subbie, our lucky patient realised that all his Christmases had come early! What better way to tackle his sexual issues of a tight back passage and the necessary treatment of his sensitive nipple and pubic area than two sexy, rubber-clad nurses.

We started the scene in full force, just as we meant to go on, with Mistress Simone dressed head to foot in purple rubber and me in some of my most-fetching blue rubber-nurses's wear. Naturally we were both wearing the Hanwell standard medical footwear of shiny, high boots. I had already rubberised our patient, head to toe in layers of latex but had taken care to leave access exposed to his most sensitive areas. It meant that the patient could feel the pressure of the rubber across his entire body while still letting us play with the most vulnerable parts which respond best to a rubber nurse's treatment.

Nurse Simone soon set in place as American invasion of his rear, making sure that no part of his anatomy was left unexplored as her gloved fingers worked their way into his body to stretch all his most intimate places ot the max. The scene rapidly grew more complex and ever more enjoyable as our patient was seated on the medical bench with his legs spread wide and had needle treatment applied to his thighs. As my colleague busied herself with his nether regions, I got on with the essential treatments of applying nipple suction and the all-important electrics. Soon it was time to move on to more serious masturbation for our rubberslave and I demonstrated the intricacies of my Serious Kit milking machine to my American visitor.

Once the treatment got into full flow, it all became a bit of a blur with the patient's position being changed as required until he was on his back with Mistress Simone working hard to complete the full anal stretching with her strap-on and then using a range of sounds down the shaft if his cock to complete her nursing care. To vary the play a little she also decided to go to work on his nipples with her needle skills and we were all soon enjoying the full artistic effect of her 'sunburst' designs. Of course, no full Hanwell medical would ever be complete without having the patient cathetrised and I soon had him drained fully into a piss bag awaiting the recycling which also characterises our work here in West London. In fact recycling became something of a theme as both Mistress Simone and I pissed into jugs so that we could feed samples to our patient and test if his palette was sensitive enough to distinguish between the taste of each of his Mistresses.

As the final act in the session, my lucky subbie got both lots of piss as a delicious, still-warm cocktail before we both got down to some serious work with the Hitachi magic wand to milk his straining testicles dry. There was never any doubt as to where the emissions were going to end up and he duly swallowed it all like a good boy before being packed off as we got ready the next scene. The full film of Mistress Simone and my exploits in my new medical facility will be gracing the members' clubsite soon.

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