Mistresses Gone Wild

Jan 6, 2014

Take two slightly out of control naughty Mistresses, one luxury mansion, one fortunate male slave and a long weekend of bondage, domination and torture: they all add up to the perfect recipe for Miss Sherry and me to have a lot of fun at the humiliating expense of one of my owned and collared slaves who was lucky enough to be selected to serve us for our Mistress’ mini-break holiday. Sherry and I both worked hard over Christmas and decided we needed a few days away to recharge our batteries (no, not the ones on my electric box, which are topped up to max all the time) We duly packed the car with a vast selection of bondage gear and ordered our slave to drive us to the country cottage outside London. Well, to be honest, calling it a ‘cottage’ is a bit misleading and some may think that the eight bedrooms and six bathroom mansion, with its multiple reception rooms, acres of grounds and a heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi are a bit of an extravagance when occupied by just we two Mistresses and slave Rimmer who certainly doesn’t deserve anything more roomy than a cold cellar floor. By the time we reached our destination Sherry and I were both dying to use the bathroom and I thought it was the ideal opportunity to put our stamp, so to speak, on our weekend subbie servant. As he unpacked the car I could tell he was a little hot and bothered from all of that driving and so I ordered him to run to one of the bathrooms, strip naked, lay in the bath, hold his mouth wide open and wait for Sherry and I to appear. One of the beauties of holidaying with another Mistress is that it gives me the opportunity to see slightly different techniques in use for all of the bondage games I play so often in my Hanwell dungeons. Sherry and I approached the task of soaking the naked Rimmer in slightly different ways, even though the end result in each case was a faceful of warm piss cascading over subbie’s head. Sherry seemed to have a more pressing need than me and so I sat back and watched as she whipped off her panties, straddled the bathtub with one foot one each rim, and let loose into my slave’s open and eager mouth. Her aim was true, her pee was strong and the recipient was soon gulping hard to cope with the steady flow of Sherry’s house champagne. Now I on the other hand prefer a more leisurely approach so I just stuck my rear out over the side of the bath, told Arnold to get his face right underneath me, and then let myself go. I’m not suggesting that my watersports technique is necessarily better than Sherry’s – but I do know which one of us can hold the most liquid for the longest time. By the time I’d finished pissing, Arnold was choking, gasping, trying not to drown and pleading for mercy: no chance of that, of course! Sherry and I decided right then and there on a really fun game for our three days away: Rimmer could drink, bathe and shower only in our urine and his challenge would be to consume everything that drained from each of our bladders for the entire trip away. Oh… you should have seen the look of gratitude which came over my sub’s face as he calculated how many gallons of piss we two thirsty Mistresses might produce over the hours to come. So far, so good. We hadn’t even begun to let slave unpack our bags yet and already he was scared, wet and worried about all of that pee to come. And stretching ahead was a leisurely evening with the two of us being pampered and served at every turn by our eager pet Rimmer, while we lounged around having fun and dreaming up all of the tortures and torments he was about to endure. They were many and varied: so much so that I may let Rimmer tell you about them in detail in a blog or two this week. Watch this space! Bookmark and Share
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