Modern Art:

May 5, 2015

Eat your heart out Van Gogh... Roll over Renoir.... Move Over Monet: I and my friend Mistress Absolute have been sharpening up our needles and getting busy with some Bank Holiday peircing art that deserves to be hanging in the National Gallery. The only problem is that we would have to hang Miss Mighty up on the wall for the public to appreciate the true skill of your Mistress's artistic talents because we used Miss Mighty's back as our canvas upon which to create a colourful and beautifully-patterned needle design that had the added bonus of making our restrained victim as horny as hell.

While Mistress Absolute planned out her side of the design and started drawing patterns on Miss Mighty's back, I passed the time by slamming my latex-covered hands into our subject's welcoming pussy to force the first of many orgasms from her body. As my fellow domme was working on the left side of Miss Mighty's back I was already planning the design I wanted to create on the right. Although I say so myself, the final work of art was a tribute to the artistic skills of both of us.

Naturally, Miss Mighty had already been tightly strapped facedown on my medical bench and suitably medicated to ensure her continuing compliance with whatever her two cruel Mistresses decided to do. We were both dressed in stunning rubber outfits to look good for the camera that filmed all of us during this two hour needle extrvaganza. It takes a lot of thought and preparation create art this good: we not only had to sort out scores of needles of different sizes and colour but also had to work out the precise placements for each piercing to make certain that the final pattern would be aesthetically pleasing for us all.

As time flew by - and the pattern grew across Miss Mighty' back - I lost count of the number of climaxes I forced from our subject. Each sting from each needles seemed to intensify her desire for penetrsation and each thrust of my fist took her nearer and nearer to the edge. My fortunate club members will soon be able to see the entire afternoon unfold on their visdeo screens but for those of you who have not yet committed to the club membership I may place an edited version on You Tube: watch this space!

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