Monday Mornings

Aug 15, 2012

What a kinky sexy morning adventure I've had, better still it's all captured on film. I've met an adorable lady today, a total kink fest of a person who simply loves to sexually stimulate, seductively seduce and erotically enjoy her time with one very lucky male (be warned, she is also sexually sadistic too, taking no prisoners when she wants to be mean, erotic when she's feeling keen). The adventure started military style, Miss Boot Camp (myself) and my assistant Miss Honey were in charge of putting our newest intelligence wannabe through his paces, replicating the 'capture and torment' scene, a bit of the 'behind enemy lines' role-play. Would he reveal the phrase that I gave him to Miss Honey??? Only time would tell.

Lets start with an introduction to the military issue baton, perfect for some double penetration. Our prisoner was citing the Geneva convention, hoping to fall upon our mercy, alas it failed miserably. trying to pervert the course of military justice means some serious drilling of all orifices, bound and worked over before frog marched to the suspension room for phase 2. Obviously Phase 2 would be a different tact to Phase 1. The tough bugger withstood without revealing the secrets, but could he withstand Miss Honeys advances, and her penchant for a hard tongue? God this woman is flexible (as am I but it was a sheer joy to see her demand his tongue work, his head dragged into place and of course my baton working his ass all the while, to aid in mind confusion.

CP, 'just like he enjoyed in boarding school', didn't have the desired tongue loosening effect, it seemed to work just the opposite in fact. Never mind, phase 3 in the medical facility should surely work wonders. Miss Honey was just as ruthless, this time getting herself into position and those amazing legs were stretched out as she wanted to see if our 'recruit' could respond  to her demands, I on the other hand seemed to have an equally fun time with the electro box. Our hapless male had a huge plug strapped in, hooded and sat on a stool in front of the Gyno bench, electrics at full pelt as he approached the waiting girlie bits, Honey demanding a full body clearout using his tongue but alas, 99 on the box surged through him as he got close (I know I'm mean but it was rip roaring fun watching and hearing the pained expressions and sounds).

Finally Miss Honey produced what can only be described as a metal probe, instructing a somewhat broken male to thrust rhythmically inside her pussy, promising a torrent of 'squirting' which would need immediately cleaning up. I was truly astounded at the waterfall that this amazing woman can where can I get ME one of those!!!!

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