Movie Mania

Dec 6, 2013

Sometimes inspiration strikes from the strangest places: who would have thought a silent movie star would inspire an extreme bondage game that tortured my slave’s nipples while keeping him stooped low and humiliated in my presence. My inspiration was Charlie Chaplin; not his outfit, cane and moustache but his funny little waddling walk that became a trademark in his films of yesteryear. My slave on this occasion was a slender rubber slut seeking bondage and humiliation and I decided to let my imagination roam freely to provide him a session he would be unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Before telling you the full story I should explain why my blogs have been somewhat few and far between in recent weeks. At first inspection it may appear that all has been a little quiet at Hanwell Towers. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact. Life has been flying along at an alarming rate. However I have had an annoying lurgee that has lingered. Far from being contagious, I think it's more an annoyance than anything else but has meant that training for the last month has been impossible and that lack of train travel into the heart of London is, oddly enough, the reason why my blogs have been cut short. My travel time has often in the past been a regular moment for me to sit and get writing. I do sometimes wonder though if any commuters ever catch sight of the odd word or naughty story, as these days it does seem customary to stare at other people's devices (yes admittedly I’m also guilty of this) so I do have a wry smile when I get the odd look from my fellow passengers. I do, however do my best to try and ensure that my revelations do appear on the club site first.

So… to return to my story: having dressed my subbie up in a latex suit, collar, gag and with numerous ties in place, I hooked up my bodyboard in a ‘face-down’ configuration and set out to prove that it is not just ‘Superman’ who can fly. Well not in Hanwell at any rate. Although Clarke Kent he was not… my victim did do a creditable job of holding the superman pose as I bound him horizontally and hoisted him up to the suspension room ceiling. Seemingly in no time at all he was down again and strapped into the downstairs bondage throne with extreme bondage strapping and the delights of my Venus wanking machine working away on his cock.

I’m not sure if it was all the coffee I had been drinking but my mind was racing with all the painful and humiliating possibilities I could inflict on my willing subbie. Even so, I couldn’t stop thinking of my Carlie Chaplin idea and so I arranged his nipples to be tied to his boots to make him stoop down in the little comedian’s characteristic stance and then tied his arms to his feet to make him emulate the famous shuffling walk. It worked a treat… very funny for me to watch and deeply humiliating, painful and distressing for him! What more could any Mistress wish for?

The final move was to loosen his feet bondage (though not the nipple ties) a little to allow him to safely, though slowly, climb the stairs. That is after fitting him with an adult nappy to increase the shame factor even more. In my upstairs dungeon I carried out a nappy inspection revealing that my subbie was almost certainly a bedwetter and, as a punishment, tied him to the whipping bench with a gag to make him drool and make him behave even more like the baby boy he clearly was. The beating that followed was merely fair retribution – perhaps eased slightly for him by the application of my magic Wand vibrator to ensure a successful and equally humiliating milking of a full spunk sample.


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