Mr Nervous

Apr 14, 2011

‘Mr Nervous’ as I’ve titled this slave payed me a visit today. It was his 17th trip to my dungeon and yes, every time he arrives the first things out of his mouth are ‘I’m really nervous today’. Ok, i guess its with good reason after all. Each session is very different for him, although there are some common themes: nipple torture, cbt and punishment. Today was a good day for him as (thanks to my photo shoot on Monday) I’ve rediscovered a nasty little device that is usually tucked away out of sight.  In the middle of my dungeon wall is a right angled metal ball clamp, which basically fits around a slaves balls securing him just a short way from a wall. Next i tied Mr Nervous’s hands behind his back and attached a strap to the table behind. His nipples were stretched and attached via clamps to a hook at eye level. His balls were tied just under the clamp and attached to a ball stretcher that has a screw attachment to pull the balls forwards, with a winding mechanism to keep the pressure intense. Lastly a head harness and gag are fitted and attached to the overhead beam, and also joined to the nipples. The only thing that was not bound are the feet....why??? to encourage movement which would (as all predicament bondage) pull on both the balls at the nipples.

Now the scene is set, add to the mix a devious dome who seems to relish the pain she causes her prisoners as she wields a crop with furious intent causing the aforesaid shuffling and shimmying that means  everything hurts. On top of this, at  intervals the strap that holds the arms back is notched up one hole at a time to stretch the arms backwards (in turn pulling on the nipples and balls again)....and then i wonder why he is nervous, would you be???

This was just the start of the session, things got even more painful with lots of forgotten gems from the dungeon coming into play.

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