Ms International

Dec 10, 2015

I know that many of my slaves are convinced that my life as a jet-setting dominatrix and star of bondage stage and screen sees me flying off around the world to exotic locations and top international hotels at the drop of a hat: and of course they are quite right. This weekend saw me off again on an all-expenses paid trip to Dubai where I and my domme friend Miss Mighty were planning the kidnap and torture scenario of a client who was desperate to be controlled by two powerful, fit and overpoweringly-strong Mistresses. Although the entire trip to and from London took less than 30 hours, the two of us had time not only to fulfil our client’s wildest abduction fantasies but also to enjoy some of the sun and delights of this gem among the magnificent cities of the Gulf states.

Working abroad is sometimes not easy because of restrictions on the bondage toys we can take through airports and customs but, amid the opulence of one of Dubai’s top hotels, Miss Mighty and I soon had our submissive, but willing, victim totally at our mercy. He was stripped and controlled by both of us with Miss Mighty applying a series of locks and wrestling holds that ensured his total compliance to our will; I am not perhaps as skilled a wrestler as my friend and colleague but my advanced karate skills were always on hand to help with his confinement, and to show off my powerful biceps and toned muscles that were so much stronger than the weak guy we were dominating.

Naturally there was a high price for his submission and for falling into the hands of such a powerful dominatrix-duo. His mouth must have been full of saliva (ours not his, of course) after we repeatedly spat into his face, he was put in some fascinating bondage and even had the rare treat of sniffing the armpit scent of two woman as he was forced into abject submission. All too soon the session was over and it was time to head back to the airport for our luxury flight back to England. A flying trip in every sense of the phrase, and not one which either Miss Mighty and I, nor our client, will forget in a hurry.

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